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Potemkin wrote

Cacti are awesome, but they can get defensive! It sounds like you probably have a kind of cholla. I'm sure they appreciated the replanting! Once in the soil, they should be fairly easy to maintain. I really enjoy succulents, and cacti in particular. Being from the desert, I came to appreciate the different varieties, their histories with indigenous peoples, and interactions/mutualisms with other plants and animals. Some, like the saguaro, can live hundreds of years (pretty cool, I think!). I have been on the receiving end once or twice and can definitely sympathize. No matter how cautious, they can still find a way through! I hope you develop an appreciation for these awesome plants!


supernice wrote (edited )

I'm digging them a lot actually, other than getting pricked :) But they are beautiful. Not sure of the variety, but I did an image search for cholla and it looks fairly similar. They are long and tube like.

I have a ton of succulents, but this will be my first proper cactus plant. I can't wait to see how they look once they start to really take root and flourish.


ziq wrote

Peruvian Apple Cactus is my fave cactus.


supernice wrote

That looks nice. Have you tried the fruit of one? I've seen some cactus fruit at a local produce shop near me, but never tasted it. It looks a little different than image search is showing me for the Peruvian Apple Cactus.


ziq wrote (edited )

Yeah they're much better than pitayas and opuntias. It tastes like sorbet. Those other 2 are fun to grow too though.


supernice wrote

Pitaya is tasty, but it's super expensive where I live and there's only one place that I know that has them. No one else in my house likes them, so buying one or two for myself from time to time works out.

I'll have to be on the look out for the Peruvian Apple, I may have actually seen that in the produce shop before now that I look at the images more.