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RosaReborn wrote

That's great to hear. I only have a balcony garden but it's actually gone very well. My basils had a disease scare but seem fine now. I am having a big recurring problem with aphids on my Jalapeno and other spicy pepper plants. It just requires a bit of maintenance but otherwise they are growing large.

My biggest concern are my container grown eggplants have stalled growing for a while now. They both still seem very healthy but idk if a lack of sunlight is hurting them. I might move them form the balkon to a windowsill, however I can't imagine them actually producing large fruits


the_poebel wrote

Yeah, having access to a larger garden is great, but even growing on a balcony is awesome. I'll probably move this year and then I'll have to improvise a bit, but I'll see.

I've had some aphids aswell, but they're mostly on plants that I do not want to harvest, so they're no problem. I'm currently trying to from a more natural garden so that beneficial insects and stuff likle to live there - I really like thistles for example, they look great, bees love them and aphids like them too. I don't know if it's possible to do that to some extend on a balcony; probably not due to space issues.

Wish you good luck on your eggplants!