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noordinaryspider wrote

Which I don't claim to fully understand. It doesn't get rid of the slugs, but it gives my baby seedlings a chance to get started, anyway.

I'm in an exteremely sluggy area and am trying container gardening this year. The expense of getting all those root pouches and all that potting soil was pretty intense, but I'm currently very pleasantly surprised at how much food I'm actually getting from the Garden of Eatin' instead of Colonel McMonsanto's.


the_poebel wrote

Yeah, tbh I do not really understand that wiki page that much. I can definitely say that picking the slugs and killing them made at least a small noticable difference; I've put out a bowl with beer now, I'll update on that in a few days I guess.

That's great though, that you have quite some food from your garden. You can really taste the difference between homegrown and bought food!