[DIY] Wooden Two Level Pallet Planter Box imgur.com

Submitted by RosaReborn in Gardening

So I wanted to get more space on my balcony by building a multilevel planter box. Initially the plan was to have it lean against the wall and have three boxes running up it like rungs on a ladder. I got greedy when I was making the boxes and made them far too large for that to be practical so I changed the design to simply being two big boxes and no leaning angle.

These were made out of pallets laying around from a nearby construction project and then a plastic liner cut from an old tarp. Jalapeno plants were transplanted today.

Bonus picture of a disgusting white grub found in old soil. There were about 6 of these guys in the soil. In hind sight it was a really rookie mistake to 1) leave old dirt outside during the winter and 2) to reuse the some of the soil mixed with compost without properly inspecting for bugs.


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