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Spring has finally fully arrived in my city. I will be putting a focus on foods that I can eat, trying to grow as much edible foods on my small space as possible. That being said I wanted one box of flowers to go with my vines from last year so that bees will come and pollinate my other plants. The orange and yellow flowers are supposedly very enticing to bees, however the purple are by far the most fragrant.

I am a novice balcony gardener, last year being my first year getting into it. I have begun many plants from seed this season which I will be transplanting to my balcony this weekend. I will be putting them into a home built tiered planter box I made out of wood I found around the city.


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the_poebel wrote

Awesome! Spring is almost my favorite season, cause I get really excited about all the things that are going to grow in my garden. I'm quite new to gardening aswell, started with some small things last year and I hope to expand a little this year.

Just sew the first seeds for this year - some Calabash, wormwood, pepper, tobacco and potato. I will probably post some updates along the seasons; either here or over in /f/permaculture.