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moonlune wrote

YouTuber "how to make everything" probably has it covered. It's a very fun channel


Azandi wrote

You can use a hand scythe as well, or a weedwacker, or just wait for it to fall. You'll want ~200sqft per person per year*, heavily depending on yeild. Then there's winnowing and hulling before you get to milling. I strongly recommend not using stone to mill your wheat, bread made with it using that method really degrades teeth due to all the fine sand particles. Adam Ragusea has a really good video on the topic.

*: I came to this number with basic researching and math. Do not consider it the true-true, its just a stranger's recommended starting point.


kano wrote (edited )

I don't know a lot about it but I wouldn't consider it tbh, you need too much equipment and effort to process the grain. Same reason why I never collect it from a farmers field