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Bezotcovschina wrote

Little Big Adventure (the first one is good, but the second one is the best) is my first love. I remember, as a kid, annoying the fuck out of my friends retelling them the story

Planescape: Torment is a classic rpg, where you can spend hours in dialog windows interacting with characters and objects. Unforgettable

Disco Elysium is also great "story first" video "game" (more like visual novel)

Pathologic 2 is a great story, but unfortunately, gameplay-wise relates very heavy on survival-like mechanics which is not really my cup of tea


Ashy wrote

detroit: become human has a good story, really liked a plague tale: innocence as well. really enjoyed watching RT play those two

i think games do have a lot of potential for storytelling though and can be a lot more impactful than traditional media if used well

personally when playing games though, i don't generally pay much attention to it, so i see where you're coming from


lastfutures wrote (edited )

I've never played that.

I guess I'd draw a line between a game and like an interactive story. If you take any great work of literature, and then make it so every chapter you have to repeat 5 or a hundred times to not die and get to the next chapter, or you have to be thinking about your strategy most of the time, it fundamentally takes away from the dramatic tension, immersion, and so on. I think that games can do atmosphere very well (horror games, portal, etc), but storyline not so much if you actually care about game loops, mechanics, difficulty, etc. The fact that you have to keep repeating game loops just detracts from anything that makes a story good imo.

That has to do with how I approach games tho I guess. I'm the sort of person that will just skip cutscenes to get to mechanics and win conditions. Partly because I don't think games offer anything worthwhile for story tho (how could it? they are even worse than large blockbuster movies when it comes to scale and mass appeal).


zoom_zip OP wrote

yeah death stranding falls into that category of “time investment requirement”. there are a few games people have recommended to me and i’ve tried but not gotten into

then you go back to the person and say you didn’t get into it and they say “of course you didn’t! you only played it for 30 hours! it doesn’t get good until 150 hours in!!!”


Syzygy wrote

I'm not terribly into games, but The Stanley Parable, The Beginner's Guide, Tacoma, and Grim Fandango come to mind. But, yeah. Games have been rather neglectful of storytelling throughout the years. It seems that at least with it being easier and cheaper for others to make games there are at least people out there focusing on the narrative than solely just gameplay.


videl wrote (edited )

have thought the same thing. the souls games were the ones that made me realize games generally don't utilize the medium to tell a story in a way that only games can.
death stranding comes to mind. the gameplay itself says some things if you think about it.