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frankbrooks wrote (edited )

Although becoming equipped is a crucial part of every game, doing so takes a significant amount of time and is not a simple procedure. Even the most devoted gamers sometimes need a break from the monotony of always having to prepare for and play their games. People who don't have enough time to commit to playing video games could benefit from using a service that boosts their performance in D2 . It frees up more of your time to focus on other activities as your character levels up, making it possible for you to go head to head with the game's most skilled players. Observing the strategies used by other players is a great way to improve your own game and get a deeper understanding of the game's mechanics.


Zerush wrote (edited )

You can also try this one The Dark Mod (free game OpenSource), first person, single player, exploration, adventure, stealth, mystery, surveillance horror and more. More than 120 missions, created by the community which you can download and add in the own game menu.

Game Trailer


Zerush wrote

A very nice single RPG, Diablo like, free to play (some optional payed stuff in the game menu, but not pay2win), works in PC (Windows) with mouse and keyboard and also in mobile with touch screen.

also in Google Play and Apple App Store



asterism OP wrote

Played Vagrant Story on your recommendation. It hasn't gripped me yet though I may come back to it soon. It definitely has a great atmosphere which is what I am looking for but I find the combat system to be frustrating.


zoom_zip wrote

asterism asked for something that gives that lonely exploration feel. i think if you go into vagrant story looking for a vibrant rpg world with lots of characters and epic narrative arc, then yeah, you’re not gonna get anything like that. if you want to get lost in a sparse, claustrophobic, isolated world with a lot of atmosphere, that just happens to also be an rpg, then there you go.


Fool wrote

These recommendations I've tried to suggest less commonly played games - these I played on PS Vita so not sure how easy they are to get.

RPG - Soul Sacrifice: Delta. Not really what I'd think of as an old school RPG, more like Monster Hunter. The story starts basic, but gets pretty complicated and twisted if you keep going through multiple times.

Lone explorer - The Swapper - 2D Puzzle Platformer, but really has a lonely feeling to it.


Fool wrote

I really couldn't see the appeal of Vagrant Story, I remembered the name from one of my friends talking about it when I was 12 or so.

But it just seemed a fairly repetitive dungeon crawler.


zoom_zip wrote

i would say make sure you pick a game that you know you like enough to be able to spend a lot of time with it, and will be happy when you find new things in it that other people might not have discovered yet.

i would recommend you just pick your favourite game and go with that, but that’s not what i did and not what got me into it.

i was looking through all my favourite games and a lot of them looked hard. then i found one where the record was only 11 minutes and i figured that was a good time. if i spend an hour trying to beat a speedrun and i fail and have to restart, that sucks. but 11 minutes? i can do that. i also watched the world record and thought i could beat it, so that helped influence me too.

but i kind of have a thing for running really deep cut niche games now that not many people are running. i’m looking at running some games from the net yaroze system or like old forgotten pc-98 games, etc.

for me, then, it’s not so much about competing for a record, but i enjoy the process of routing a game and trying to be the one to figure out the route.

anyway, hope that helps point you the right way.


tension wrote

I had a friend that made me sit through AGDQ a couple years ago (I had no idea what I was getting into) and have since grown to have mad respect for speed runners, pushing themselves and their games to the absolute limit.

I've been considering doing a run, but I don't know that I like any single game all that much to put in the neccessary time. How did you pick your game?


tension wrote (edited )

Been slowly chugging away at Advance Wars 2. I was getting my ass beat until I realized I had to embrace the logic of the game. At first, I tried to save all my troops, because, well, that's what a good commander would do. Then I realized part of the strategy of winning is using pawns as bait. Cheap infantry is easily replaceable. Expensive tanks and rockets, not so much. I won a mission by commanding my troops out into an open field. A dangerous, mission-ending flying bomber took the bait. My clueless platoon was slaughtered, but with the bomber within range, I managed to retaliate with a clean hit from my anti-air units. In this way, the expensive mechs remained unscathed. I needed those machines like I needed martyrs for the cause. Eventually, I won, but it made me think about the logic of war. How many fighters in today's ongoing conflicts are sent to their deaths as mere decoys for some grand plan? All of them. Who pays the cost of war? The dead. Never the commanders. At least, not in my game.

Other than emulating children's war games, I started playing Fatal Frame 4. The jump scares still get me.

God, I love video games. Wish more had anarchist themes, but I can enjoy chess and hate the king all the same.