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debored wrote (edited )

Obviously I support the protests in HK, but I think all the anti-China panic lately is about jingoism and the decline of US empire, not a rejection of authoritarian governments. I think if you ever find yourself agreeing with the general gaming community it's best to question the underlying motivations. There's a lot of weird anti-China shit here in Canada in particular.

There was a bunch of outrage earlier this year in the Rainbow Six community over China as well, before the protests (it was about some proposed cosmetic changes that would open up the Chinese market for R6 streaming). Pretty sure this is more about Chinese state/capital starting to have influence over major corporations, threatening US hegemony.


F_x OP wrote

I'm glad that most websites have blocked commenting on such articles. It pisses me off so much when people want to split people works from their private life. "Leave this rapist alone, he makes games I enjoy!", it's fucking pathetic.


jadedctrl wrote

That's really interesting, actually. Minecraft definitely is more cooperative in terms of gameplay, and Roblox more competitive… but I'd say it's the other way around in terms of game creation (modification).

Making mods in Minecraft is individualistic and competitive— source code is basically never available, links are everywhere, and authors are very territorial over their creations. Basing a mod against someone elses? Well that's just not allowed in MC.

Making “games” in Roblox has probably more of an ingrained “profit-motive” (robux are super-prominent in the website and game)— but somehow game-building is still more cooperative. There are a huge amount of buildings, meshes, scripts, and entire games that are free for anyone to use or base games off of available. Derivation is way more encouraged, and so game-making's more cooperative.

Anyway I haven't played either of these games in years, so this stuff might not be accurate post-2011.


Stuckinthecity wrote

“A final message ended with a plea that Holowka's death not be used as an excuse to harass anyone else.“

So much for that. Shitstains on Twitter are all ready blaming Zoe Quinn. I have some reservations with her that aren’t linked to Gamergate, but these ass wipes are just the worst. Whining about “innocent until proven guilty” is all well and good if you 1.) can be consistent and 2.) realize when that doesn’t really apply, i.e. not in a court of law. I’m so glad I got out before the Nazis went mask off.