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I just found this game the other day and have to recommend it here!

Riot: Civil Unrest is a pixel art style real-time tactics game that pits protestors against police in a variety of real-world locations of recent mass manifestations such as Italy, Greece, Spain, Egypt, and more. Players play as either side, offering the chance to learn and deploy the tactics of both protestors and police, as players try to either maintain control of an area or push the other side out. It has great aesthetics, an interesting radical message (including why these protests took place), and fun gameplay. Check it out!

It's been in early access for a couple years, so some of you may have already heard about it, or even talked about it here idk. The final version was released earlier this year in Feb. I just picked it up on the Switch store for $5. It's also on Steam, for PC and Mac (but not on sale atm).



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