Riot Games is proud of sexist and rape-y company culture (League of legends)

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links underneath. I didn't expect much from them, but I'm still disappointed.

tumblr: 6 months at riot games

kotaku: inside the culture of sexism at riot games

barry hawkins: the story of whu I left riot games

BONUS: Male players are offended that the company has set up a safe space for women and non-binary at "pax west" . CW "reverse sexism" and reddit


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Freux wrote

Fucking hell, no wonder it's impossible to play this game without encountering the worst human beings.


TheLegendaryBirdMonster wrote

"No doesn't always mean No" -- riot CEO

"I remember trying to appeal to the business aspects of the behavior, and how it opened us up to legal liability. The head of Legal did speak up and asked if we were concerned about legal liability. She was seated to my left, and I was seated on Brandon’s left [CEO], where he was at the head of table. Brandon extended his arm past me and held up his hand in front of her and hushed her, saying we were not going to talk about that." -- 3rd link

" Or they might start a paragraph by saying “Now for instance, if I fucked your wife…” and then segue into what they were actually supposed to be saying. The homosexual variants would be things like “well if he sucked your dick, would you feel better about this?” or “it’s not like I’m asking you to suck my dick, but I’d be OK with it if you did.”" --3rd link

"senior staff member named us the “Bros and Ho”." --2nd link

"senior staff member messaged a new employee’s girlfriend on Facebook asking if she was “DTF” - shorthand for “down to f*ck”. He thought it was a funny joke." --2nd link


martasultan wrote

Given Strife was made by straight up racists, I assume I might well wanna stick to Dota or is there anything else good?


TheLegendaryBirdMonster wrote

league was the last game that I was playing, now I've stopped all gaming.

smite is ok but it's 3rd person so it's really different from other mobas. You can have all the gods for 18€, which is way less than other games.