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I had this idea for an alternate history mod where Martin Luther ends up being exiled into Scandinavia while Germany remained predominately Catholic. At the same time, the Catholic Church purges itself clean of any and all forms of indulgences and decides to translate the Bible all while promoting a metaphorical interpretation of it. In response, the Orthodox Church, while struggling against the Ottoman Empire in the Balkans, seeks out new followers among the Poles, who quickly adopt it as their new religion. The Czechs, on the other hand, due to Habsburg pressure and the lack of a large Protestant base in Germany, remains strongly Catholic. On the 26th of July, 1581, the Dutch become an independent kingdom under the leadership of the Lynden family as opposed to the Oranje-Nassau in the OTL and the Dutch Republic doesn't exist. Willem van Oranje's family went into the Netherlands to escape being forcibly exiled to Scandinavia and set up a new life there. Calvinism still happens, but it is less prevalent outside of parts of Switzerland and the Dutch Kingdom. By 1618 towards 1648, the Thirty Years' War still occurs, only instead of it being between Protestants and Catholics, it is fought between the government of the incestous Habsburgs (backed by the Spanish and Polish) and the Hohenzollern-led rebellion (backed by the French, the Pope, and the predominately-Protestant Swedes) over who has the right to rule the Holy Roman Empire. The war ends in a tie. In 1776, the United States gains independence from England thanks to the aid of its colonial rivals, Spain and France. The Napoleonic Wars and the Belgian Independence war still occur with Belgium fighting for its freedom from the predominately Calvinist Dutch kingdom. The timeline remains the same excluding certain events: the Confederates winning the Civil War in America, though the Ku Klux Klan still appears out of fear of Black uprisings, and then begin industrializing the slave system rapidly by 1877, Alaska becomes a British colony in 1867 via invasion because America is too broke to pay for it from Russia, Liberia being a Confederate Protectorate by 1892, the Scramble for Africa happens, the House of Hohenzollern still rising to power to compete with the Habsburgs, only they're Catholic instead of Protestant, Charles Darwin converting to Catholicism on his death bed and being venerated as a patron saint of evolutionary biology by the Catholic Church, a Catholic Prussia unified Germany instead of a Lutheran one, Tunisia being under Italian rule instead of French rule, The Crown exiled Charles Darwin and his research to Germany in 1873 as England becomes more staunch in its defense for creationism, though supporters of Darwin still remain in the country, the Brazilian Empire still existing and having slavery while being two times more industrialized than in the OTL without cutting down the rainforest, Cambodia being a Belgian colony while France keeps the rest of Indochina, Austria-Hungary controls Gabon, Scotland remains independent and colonizes Nigeria in the 19th century, and the eastern half of South Africa being under Dutch Rule instead of English.

Then a major movement in the 20th century occurs in 1914, when Germany, France, Brazil, the United States, England, and Italy join forces against Austria-Hungary, Russia, the Ottomans, the Confederate States, and Spain. Churchill dies in the Battle of Tannenburg while fighting alongside General Von Ludendorff against Tsarist forces. Germany and Austria fight each other instead of being allies because in this timeline, the Habsburg and Hohenzollern families are fighting over who should rule over and unite the German people under a pan-Germanic empire. By 1917, the Russian Empire falls and is soon replaced by the Soviet Union under Leon Trotsky. In 1919, the war ends in a Anglo-French-German victory, giving rise to the new countries of Poland, Czechoslovakia, Finland, Florida, and Texas. In 1921, just as in our timeline, Ireland gains independence from English, but in this alternate universe, they get to have Northern Ireland as a treat, thus unifying the whole island.

But despite their victory, a great economic depression occurs and Italy and Germany soon turn their backs on their former allies. The two end up being fascist countries in the process. In the case of Germany, an anti-semitic, anti-Protestant, anti-Slavic, theistic-evolutionist, eugenicist, pro-Catholic, homophobic group of fascists called the Nationalist Darwinist Workers' Party led by war veteran, devout Catholic, evolutionary biologist, and philosopher named Heinrich Kranz seized power on March 12th, 1933 and formed a totalitarian regime hellbent on world domination. They were infuriated with their former English and French allies not allowing them to fulfill their incorporation of Austria into the empire due to the Treaty of Brussels that prevents the possibility of a pan-Germanic union and limits on the military sizes of all world nations (except Britain, the United States, and France), hence their dissatisfaction with the "mutilated victory" they had to go through. The German regime allows women's rights, though. Adolf Hitler, in this same alternate universe, is shot dead along with Horst Wessel at the hands of Communist sympathizers on November 13th, 1931, about two years before Heinrich Kranz becomes dictator. Once in power, he and his inner party members passed in the Enabling Act to grant him emergency powers in response to a failed Communist uprising on November 11th, 1933, ending democracy in Germany and stripping the Jews, homosexuals, Slavs, and Protestants of their rights as citizens. Heinrich Himmler, being an ex-Catholic turned neopagan, flees to Danish-controlled Iceland along with a few like-minded occultist fellows while plotting to one day return to Germany and overthrow Kranz's pro-Catholic evolutionist regime. Joseph Goebbels, despite being staunchly anti-Catholic, serves as the Nationalist Darwinist state's Minister of Propaganda while the Austrian-born Ernst Kaltenbrunner ends up becoming head of a secret police organization known as the Teutonic Knights Templar. Albert Einstein doesn't exist in this universe and is instead replaced by a German Catholic scientist and physicist named Karl Schmidt, who is in league with the Nationalist-Darwinist movement, discovers the same scientific breakthroughs as his Jewish counterpart (ex. General Relativity) and is put in charge of the AUROCHS Project, which is a program established in order to commence the development of the atomic bomb. Of course, there should be an option for the British, the French, the United States, the Brazilians, and the Soviets to help at least a few scientists flee from Germany so they can start their own nuclear program. The Nationalist-Darwinist Paleontological Society was later formed in late 1933 as part of an effort to combine Catholic theology and Darwinian evolution with scientific racism and extreme forms of Pan-Germanic nationalism.

Images of Fuhrer Kranz, Charles Darwin, Otto von Bismarck, Charlemagne, Sigfried (who they view as the ancestor of Jesus Christ), and Otto the Great are common within them households of the everyday German citizen and the leadership, since they are all declared by the state to be the "patron saints of the restored fatherland" all while claiming that Jesus descended from purely Germanic immigrants who ended living in Israel (even though he was actually Jewish, so its propaganda they're preaching). They even claim that the Christian God views the Germanic "master race" as his new chosen people and that the Jews are cursed because they tainted themselves with so much sin that they lost the good Lord's favor (again, its propaganda). The leadership strongly promotes both a technocratic and stratocratic approach to the improvement of society, believing that through a combination of faith, science, and nationalistic fervor are essential to the nation's preservation. The current Kaiser of Germany, Wilhelm III, who ascended to the throne after the death of his stubborn father, Wilhelm II, has now become a powerless prisoner in his country who is being used by Kranz's regime to legitimize its control over German society. Most of the women in the German Reich prefer to work in the factories alongside men as well as bare children for the state, though they allowed to join the military, which they see as mostly a "guy thing."

Meanwhile, a bankrupt, divided Austria, once a major power in Europe, is now on the brink of complete economic collapse and is forced to either integrate in the German nation or become engulfed in a civil war between the nostalgic, traditionalist, pro-Habsburg monarchists and the Austrian Communist Party. The Habsburg family lived in exile and poverty within English-ruled Canada, but there are rumors that the English and French are making plans to bring about the return of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and install Otto von Habsburg as the new Kaiser. The Austrian government is a Neo-Nepotist oligarchy that cares little for their plight of the masses, often fending for themselves rather than lose all their enormous wealth. However, Kurt Schuschnigg, leader of the Fatherland Front, is determined to seize power, by force if necessary, in order to save the country and restore it to its former glory with the aid his own brand of fascism, though not the Nationalist-Darwinist brand. To make matters worst, the Vatican continues to excommunicate the Habsburg family for its inbred taint and are viewed as the "black sheep of the Fatherland" by the rest of the Germans, including even most of their fellow Austrians. This brings about a superstition among the lower classes that the Habsburg family descended from a demonic marriage between a medieval prostitute and Satan, although there is absolutely no evidence about it. Nevertheless, the German government plans to influence the Austrians into embracing their annexation into the fatherland in order to fulfill their Pan-German agenda.

As for the Lutherans, they are prevented from even entering the German nation since the Diet of Worms in 1521 within this alternate timeline, where Prince Frederick III, Elector of Saxony, died a year earlier and Martin Luther is arrested by the pro-Catholic after he completed his German translation of the Bible and was then punished with forced exile into Scandinavia to never again return to Germany under penalty of death. They then give credit for the German translation of the Bible to the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, further damning Luther and his dream of creating a separate church of his own. Since then, Germany has little to no love for Protestantism in this alternate timeline and had led to centuries of discrimination against its followers, who are a small minority. However, there is rumor that a fundamentalist Christian group of creationist fanatics known as the Sons of Luther plot a conspiracy to return to Germany with arms and start a Second Protestant Reformation with the goal to destroy Catholicism, ban modern science, and persecute anyone who dares to collaborate with the people they believed had wronged them for four hundred years. Some more left-leaning lutherans even proposed a Christianized version of Marxist Communism, believing that the Holy Bible is not truly incompatible with the idea of a workers' paradise, an belief that Trotsky would not be pleased with.

Elsewhere, the Confederates feel cheated by their defeat by the Union and suffer from the economic depression the most all while being forced by the Treaty of Brussels to pay most of the war reparations and abolish slavery, giving rise to a far-right, Nationalist-Darwinist movement in the American South that blames Evangelical Protestants, Blacks, Jews, and the Mormons for their plight, bringing about their rise to power. Under the new regime, the African Americans living in the country are now labeled as "Children of Ham" due to both the regime's religious overtones and its hijacking of Darwinian evolution, which are used as tools to justify the racist ideology that it advocates. Their leader, Fred Riverstone, a war veteran and disgraced painter turned ruthless tyrant, has insidious plans for the future of America and plans a terrible fate for the Jews, homosexuals, and racial minorities in the country. Under his cruel regime, slavery has serenely been re-instituted, forcing many blacks and Hispanics into working in the factories for the coming Confederate war machine. However, deep within the shadows of Confederate society, a secret resistance movement made mostly of black communists and socialists fight for both the survival of their African American way of life and for the promise of a workers' utopia based on racial equality.

Sweden, in this alternate universe, became a safe refuge for the Lutherans, who ended up becoming the majority of the country's population. Since this alternate universe has no Thirty Years War, due to Martin Luther's banishment from Germany, Gustavus Adolphus focused his attention of rebuilding the Kalmar Union of old in the form of the Swedish Empire, waging wars in Scandinavia, Pomerania, Karelia, and Schleswig-Holstein. Yet just as they were enjoying their rule over Northern Europe, the Great Northern War brought about an end to the Swedish golden age and gave rise to Tsarist Russia, which would see its own demise in 1917. Despite being neutral from the First Great War, Sweden ends up being more involved in world politics and is engulfed by a paranoid fear that the Sami, Slavs, and Finns would one day over populate them, leading towards the rise of a pro-Lutheran Nationalist Darwinist Party of Sweden into office with its leader, Sven Olov Lindholm, as the new dictator, chanting the worlds "till Valhalla." Once in power, the Party begins to implement racist laws against the the three groups they hate against and has them rounded up into internment camps all while promoting and increase birthrate among those within the Swedish population who are members of the Nordic "master race." They have even gone so far as to adopt Norse runes as part of their "cultural renewal" programs. There are a few within the government however, who secretly wish to return the Scandinavian people to their Norse pagan roots, get rid of Lindholm, and ban all other religions completely.

Bordering west of Sweden, the country of Norway is soon taken over by the fascist government of the Nationalist-Fideist Party of Norway led by Stein Barth-Heyerdahl, whose desires to return the country to its pagan roots and his hatred towards Christianity have soured relations between it and the predominately Catholic Germans. Much to Mussolini, Lindholm, and Fuhrer Kranz's disgust, human sacrifice is condoned within the newly formed Norse Federation and yet, despite its best efforts, it has a relatively weak military force due to the country being isolated from the rest of the world. Nevertheless, the Norwegian dictator has secret plans to help the exiled Italian Julius Evola and Heinrich Himmler seized power within their respective countries. Such a feat, however, would not be easy, especially since Fuhrer Kranz and Mussolini have both of their secret police organizations on alert for any and all dissent and/or conspiracy against them. The Norse secret police organization known as the Hands of Tyr, led by Commander Jonas Lie, is rather infamous for its sinister use of physical and psychological torture upon political opponents of the government. Those who survived and fled outside of the country's borders report that the secretive organization would even go so far as to conduct the ritualistic execution method of the Blood Eagle upon a chosen, unlucky few, and then eat their corpses, thought this rumor is disregarded as "rubbish" by the outside world. By 1933, Stein Barth-Heyerdahl died from assassination at the hands of a French agent, resulting in Jonas Lie seizing power and worsening the situation for the allied forces of the west.

Classical Fascism (as in the same kind as the Fascism from our OTL) become popular in Spain, Greece and Italy, only they're more tolerant of Jewish and Slavic peoples, despite their friendly relations with Nationalist-Darwinist Germany. Then again, the Spanish Fascists do hold anti-Basque and Anti-Arabic views. Furthermore, in this alternate universe, Francisco Franco takes over Spain by getting elected to power rather than fighting for power like he did in the OTL during the Spanish Civil War. Furthermore, the Spanish Fascists are are ultra-Catholic in this timeline and they embrace theistic evolution, though not in the same manner as the Nationalist-Darwinists. Of course, the members of the shady organization called Opus Dei, although claiming itself as Catholic, is accused by the Jesuits of being a "freemason" organization run by pagans disguised as Christians with the intent to create a fundamentalist state in Spain.

In this timeline, Benito Mussolini, a former socialist turned ruthless fascist dictator, rules Italy with an iron fist and commands a slightly more competent military force and a vast navy dwarfed only by those commanded by England, Japan, and Germany. There, the brilliant Italian scientist Enrico Galgivonni had discovered DNA in 1933, two decades earlier than James Watson and Francis Crick in our OTL. Because of this, molecular science is discovered at an earlier time and the Germans quickly adopt and learn from the scientific breakthroughs made by their Italian allies. Australia, by 1930, declares itself an independent Republic as they no longer wish to live under England's shadow and fight in another series of carnage.

The Soviet Union under Trotsky is just like the one under Stalin, only much worst, especially since in this universe, the former is more expansionist and aggressive than the latter due to his ideas of "permanent revolution." As opposed to the OTL, Stalin is the one who gets exile and ends up living in a fortified house in Argentina, plotting his return to Russia. The Eastern Orthodox Church, driven out of Russia, is now sandwiched between the militant-atheist armies of Trotsky's Red Army in the East and the growingly anti-Slavic fascists of Germany in the West, which brings panic among the Poles. Kornilov and Kolchak, unlike in the OTL, manage to escape from the Communists and now secretly plan a comeback to overthrow the Bolshevik regime.

Romania, another Orthodox country, ends up having sour relations with the Hungarians as its leader, Miklós Horthy, becomes more sympathetic to Nationalist-Darwinist Germany and plans to reclaim Transylvania, along with other lost territories that had been taken from them under the Treaty of Trianon. Due to the weakness that the Habsburg family had shown during WWI, most Hungarian monarchists now turn to the Esterházy family as potential candidates for the throne, especially Prince Paul, who now takes up the royal name of Vladislaus III.

Israel gains its independence in 1920 in this alternate universe thanks to fundamentalist, creationist, anti-imperialist, Zionist take over of the country that now puts British influence in the Middle East into question, especially with Israeli forces now holding possession of some of the powerful technology they have taken from their colonial masters. The Free Democratic Republic of Sonora, which is run by a socialist authoritarian society, ends up seceding from Mexico in 1921 and is now secretly serving as a refuge for escaping blacks who are fleeing from the Confederate States' secret police force known as the Stonewall Guard, named after the Confederate general named Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson.



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mofongo wrote

That's the background events, where's the game's story?


GeneralHelghast OP wrote

In the North, the US government has a four party system (unlike the two-party system in the OTL) consisting of the liberal Democrats, the conservative Republicans, the isolationist-fundamnetalist Christian American Party, and the Social Democratic Party of America, which was established in 1890 by former Republicans who felt bitter about their nation's humiliating defeat by the Confederates back in the Civil War. The current president, Richard Philip Watergates, an experienced politician and pragmatic member of the Social Democratic Party, is desperately trying to avoid another war with the resurgent Confederates, even going so far as to appease them by returning them the former Confederate states of Kentucky and Missouri, which were taken during the First Great War. To make matters worse, a small, but vocal minority of Nationalist-Darwinists who go by the name of the Nordic Purity Party of America, led by Fritz Julius Kuhn, who is secretly sent by the Nationalist-Darwinist regime in Germany, plant to take over the United States and establish a totalitarian dictatorship, merge with the Confederates States of America, and declare Fred Riverstone president for life. The American Nationalist-Darwinist Party, led by Alfred Charles Smith, are also conspiring with Fuhrer Kranz, but argue that Confederate absorption of the US would not be beneficial and would rather get rid of all nonwhites and Jews than have them enslaved only to rob the working-class whites of the jobs that they believe are vital for the economy. Large numbers of Irish, Eastern European, and Greek immigrants, on the other hand, are slowly becoming sympathetic towards Trotskyist Russia and may plan for a bloody revolution that would possibly ignite a Second American Civil War, especially with the Great Depression that has left 35% of the population jobless and struggling. Some of the American Communists have even secretly supported the Vietnamese revolts and wish to promote similar uprisings in the British colonies in the Americas as well. The American Socialist Workers' Union, consisting for the former US states of Washington and Oregon that seceded from a weakened United States in 1929, due to food shortages, political corruption, and exploitation of immigrant workers, are being given supplies and ammo by Trotsky in order to begin a take over of the rest of the nation.The Louisiana-born Huey Long and his fellow Democrats seek to promote a populist, anti-poverty agenda under the slogan "Every Man a King" and seek and end to racial discirmination in favor of national unity whereas the Republicans led by Alf Landon prefer a laissez-faire economy, a decentralized government based on states' rights, and bring an end to the social welfare institutions created by Watergates's "New Path" program (Darwinreich's version of the New Deal from the OTL). The Christian American Party, led by John Roach Straton, who has miraculously survived a stroke(unlike in the OTL) , wishes to win the 1936 presidential election in order to impose a ban on the teaching of evolution, place harsher laws on blacks and Latinos, deport all Jews into Canada, and place tariffs on European tariffs out of fear off both communism and Nationalist-Darwinism. General George S Patton, eager to protect democracy, has become suspicious with Douglas MacArthur and his ambitions for political power, fearing that he would eventually take advantage of the situation and declare himself "Caesar of the North."


GeneralHelghast OP wrote

In the East Coast, a fundamentalist group known as the Brotherhood of the Lamb, led by a disgraced Protestant pastor named Joseph Windcliff, seceded from the union in 1925 for unknown reasons and now seeks to build a theocratic regime based on traditionalism, patriarchy, Anti-Catholic sentiment, racial equality, and a staunch belief in creationism. Some of the more extreme members of the cult wish to the rest of the Union flock to their banner and will stop at nothing to spread terror into the nation in order to bring about their mad vision of a New Jerusalem. Women are enslaved and are forbidden to read or write whereas non-Protestants are forced to either recant their views and convert or be sent into forced labor.

In 1927, six years since its victory at the end of the Polish-Soviet War, Poland now faced an economic crisis that still threatens to divide society between the pro-Trotskyist Polish Communist Party, the pragmatic, pro-Orthodox Polish Monarchist Movement, the pro-Catholic, classical fascist Polish Falangist Party, the fundamentalist Polish Orthodox Brotherhood, the predominately Germanic and antisemitic Nationalist-Darwinist League of Teutonic Workers, and the neopagan Nationalist-Fideist People's Party of Poland. By 1930, President Ignacy Mościcki now faces the hard choice of either succumb to any one of the extremist groups or call for the formation of a political coalition government between the liberals, socialists, social democrats, and conservatives in order to counter the increase threats from within. The leader of the Nationalist-Fideist People's Party, Jan Stachniuk, opposes the presence of Christianity and declares that then only way to return the country to its former glory is to abolish any and all Abrahamic religions and endorse the return of ancient Slavic traditions under his proposed Slavic Faith Plan. He also claims that the Baltic and Jewish peoples are racially "inferior" to the Slavs and should therefore be placed in bondage as beasts of burden. The German minority, who are entranced by the NDLTW's racist ideology, declare that Poland was originally part of the German homeland until it was stolen from them by ancient Slavic tribes all while calling for the enslavement of the "barbaric" Poles.

With Sorona being an independent country under US protection in 1921, the Mexican people soon come to view Christianity as a weakness that has kept them from making themselves into a well-developed nation, pressuring them into siding the Neo-Aztec Party led by Nationalist-Fideist philosopher, Eztli Diaz, who had seized power in 1930. Being a war veteran who volunteered as a Confederate soldier during the First Great War and an admirer of pre-Columbian, he came to the conclusion that Mexico had been robbed of its "glorious past" by Christianity, believing that a return to the old ways would solidify the nation as a rising power. After seizing power, Christianity is declared illegal, along with homosexuality and Communism, whereas Aztec polytheism is declared the state religion. By 1925, the newly formed Greater Aztec Empire has formed an alliance with the Norse Federation, seeking to conquer Central America, re-unite Sorona by force, if necessary, and reclaim the lands that they believed the United States had stolen from them back in 1848. By 1926 towards 1931, with international economic aid from the weary French, the Greater Aztec Empire became sightly more industrialized with a modernized military at its disposal all while rounding up suspected enemies of the state and repressing women's rights. Unlike their Norse counterparts, however, they are a bit hesitant in commencing the reinstitution of human sacrifice as a religious ritual, although a few proponents exist within Eztil's inner circle.

While Japan's begins to expand its military power in order and promotes State Shinto as the state religion, Chiang Kai-shek's Republic of China (which is slightly more industrialized than in the OTL) is dragged in a civil war against the pro-monarchist Imperial Boxers' Society in the south and the pro-communist People's Republic of China under Mao Zehdong in the north. Yet a Nationalist-Darwinist movement under the leadership of Hong Kong native Lawrence Shang Li seeks to seize power and unify the country all while planning for its restoration as a mighty empire in the Far East. A devout Taoist with high admiration for Western culture and a longing for the return of China's former glory, Shang Li intends to industrialize and militarize the Chinese people and blames the Mongolians, Buddhists, Slavs, Jews, and Muslims for the plight of the Han people, who he views as the "rightful master race of East Asia." He holds friendly relations with Fuhrer Kranz and secretly wishes for the German government to ditch the Japanese in favor of the Chinese. In his view, Korea, Mongolia, Tibet, the Amur Basin, Manchuria, and Tannu Tuvan are destined to be annexed into the restored Chinese Empire that he wishes to bring about into the world and will stop at nothing to fulfill his mad dream, even if it means committing heinous atrocities against the very people that he deems "inferior" to the Han race. At the same time, the Taoist Party of China led by Zhi Ruo Zhou (aka: the Cleopatra of the East) seeks to gain political control of the country and rid it of the Christians, Jews, and Buddhists that they blame for the imperialist take over of their country by the European powers.

In the British Isles, the United States, Australia, Canada, Finland, and Switzerland, the predominately Protestant fundamentalist groups are a more popular choice for people involved in the far-right politics of this alternate universe. India gains independence from English rule in 1925 only to a civil war that divides the country into a pro-government east and an Islamic fundamentalist west. Scotland refused to unite with England in the 18th century due to the death of King James I of England years earlier, leaving a Scottish noble to take over the throne (hence, no 1707 Act of Union). By the events of the First Great War, Scotland remained neutral from the conflict, although there were sympathizers of the Confederate States within the country. However, a few Scottish nobles were exiled for being sympathizers to the English and are thus exiled into England. The far-right Nationalist-Fideist Legion of Caledonia, led by William Weir Gilmour, secretly conspires with the Norwegians in their attempts to take over the Scottish nation and restore the Celtic pagan culture, along with the forced expulsion of the English from the British Isles into the Americas.

The English Prime Minister, Stanley Baldwin, has three years left in his days in office as Oswald Mosley's Union of British Fascists, Clement Attlee's Labour Party, and Neville Chamberlain's Conservative Party prepare for the coming election to determine the fate of English democracy and the empire. At the same time, a Christian fundamentalist movement known as the English Puritan League seeks to overthrow the monarchy and establish a theocratic dictatorship in order to ban the teaching of evolution, enforce British Israelism, abolish titles of nobility, promote patriarchal restrictions against women, and isolate the country from the outside world, including the English colonies scattered across the world. Its leader, Alexander James Ferris, claims that Israelites were ancestors of the British and Scandinavian and that the Jews are actually the cursed, inbred descendants of Cain (a belief that most Englishmen view as "complete nonsense") all while denouncing modernism as the "nest of all Satanic evils." In Churchill's place, due to his death in the Battle of Tannenburg, Henry Tandey (who spared Hitler during WWI both in this timeline and in the original) has decided to take action against the growing threat of Nationalist-Darwist Germany by forming the Collectivist-Syndicalist Workers' Party of Britain with the dream of riding the world of fascism, religion, communism, Darwinian thinking, racism, antisemitism, and capitalism and replace it all with a utopian society based on an atheistic Lamarckian worldview.


GeneralHelghast OP wrote

Since the Napoleonic Wars, France has become a constitutional monarchy under a restored Bourbon dynasty and has remained since as to opposed to in the OTL, thanks in part to republican rebels being arrested by the king. By the time of the mid 19th and early 20th centuries, the country is also a liberal democracy and its current ruler, King Jean I (Jean of Orléans in the OTL), has given refuge to escaping Jews and homosexuals from the Nationalist-Darwinist government in Germany. They ended up incorporating the tricolor of the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Eagle in order to satisfy the nationalist members of French society and prevent a republic and/or fascist take over. Much like in the Original timeline, they have built the Maginot Defensive Line in the hope of preventing German forces from invading French lands via the German region Alsace-Lorraine, although a few critics believe that they underestimate Fuhrer Kranz's determination to enslave Europe. Within the streets of Paris, a secretive, pro-Trotsky Communist movement is hellbent on igniting an unlikely overthrow of the French monarchy, even if it means starting a bloody civil war, though this isn unlikely. For most of the people of the country, however, the Bourbons are their last hope against the growing tide of fascism in Europe. Yet within the country, the French Popular Party led by Philippe Pétain and his heir, Pierre Drieu La Rochelle, seeks to bring an end to the monarchy and seize power before their Communist rivals can, vowing to stop at nothing to aid Fuhrer Kranz in his campaign to remove the Jews from Europe. The FPP also seeks to launch a civil war within the Dominion of Canada by arming Quebec separatists who are sympathetic to their cause. In French Indochina, Vietnamese Marxists, backed by Leon Trotsky, are beginning to organize and start bloody rebellions throughout the colony, bringing French influence in the region into question. The current prime minister, Léon Blum, is desperately trying to maintain order in the streets of Paris as political factions threaten to destabilize Anglo-French defenses along the eastern borders of the French country, although it is doubtful that a civil war will ever occur, as stated earlier.

In this alternate universe, Jet-based aircraft are developed and used by the major powers of the world in like the late 1920's, which is earlier than how the first jet-engine took flight in August 27, 1939 of our timeline. In this same universe that I wish to become a mod, Nikolai Tesla becomes more successful and his inventions end up making the world slightly more advanced as well as the reason why the Anglo-French-German Alliance won the First Great War in the first place. Also, in this alternate universe, especially with the Protestant Reformation having little affect on Germany thanks to Luther's banishment, Galileo Galilei and other supporters of the heliocentric model are not censored or excommunicated by the church as opposed to in the OTL, the reason being that in the latter of the two timelines, the Catholic Church's experience with dealing with the rise of Protestantism and its literalist interpretation of scripture made them fearful of losing followers. In this universe that I am proposing, the Catholic Church is divided into traditionalists, who are the conservative bunch, the pro-liberal reformists, and the nostalgic, clerical-eugenicist movement called the Clerical Darwinists, who adopt Darwinian evolution as part of their social-Darwinist interpretation of scripture and promote a return to the glory days of the Crusader Knights (ex. Knights Templar, Teutonic Knights). But, of course, I think that the Catholic Church in this universe doesn't have a country of its own, and I don't recommend making them their own country separate from Italy, but it holds great influence throughout the world nevertheless. In this universe, the major powers also have access to Tesla-styled power armor, which are used by elite regiments of each country's respective military. Most Conservative Protestants, particularly in United States in this universe, are more skeptical about heliocentrism and evolution and hold on to the belief that the Earth is a flat, 6000-year-old disc. the European Protestants, though more accepting of evolution, still feel distrustful towards heliocentrism, viewing it as a "Catholic contradiction" to passages in the Protestant Bible.

The Germans and their Italian allies soon join forces with a vengeful Confederate States of America, a growing Japanese Empire (led by Hideki Tojo), an embittered Spain, and a nostalgic Sweden as the world gets closer towards the brink of another world war.

Intro Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vAwQ7JtS5_Q

the World in 1934

Starting Factions

Allied Forces:

United Kingdom of England and Wales

Kingdom of France


Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

Turkish Soviet Socialist Republic

Berlin-Rome Pact:

Nationalist Darwinist Germany/Greater German Reich

Fascist Italy

The Black Pact:

Norse Federation

Greater Aztec Empire


*Liberalism (Same as OTL Liberalism)

*Conservatism (Same as OTL Conservatism)

*Social Democracy (Same as OTL Social Democracy)

*Reactionary Democracy (A Reactionary form of direct democracy based on traditional values and staunch, anti-immigrant rhetoric)

*Fundamentalism (Same as OTL Fundamentalism)

*Classical Fascism (Mostly like OTL Fascism, but more into culture than race; very patriarchal and traditionalist mixed with militarism)

*Nationalist-Fideist (Alternative form of fascism based on Neopaganism, Occultism, Militarism, Traditionalism, Ultranationalism, Homophobia, Antisemitism, Patriarchy, Spiritual Racism, Anti-Christianity, Antisemitism, Islamophobia, Anti-Buddhism, and Fideism)

*National-Darwinism (Alternative form of fascism based on Antisemitism, Social Darwinism, Technocracy, Stratocracy, Militarism, Homophobia, Eugenics, Scientific Racism, Völkisch Catholicism (Germany, France, Ireland, and Italy only), Völkisch Atheism (England only), and Ultranationalism mixed with very progressive views on women's rights.)

*Socialism (Same as the one in the OTL).

*Collectivist-Syndicalism (Far-Left, militaristic alternative to normal Communism that involves a hierarchal system based on military rank instead of wealth or race and is very socially progressive; they oppose religion and Darwinian evolution in favor of an atheistic Lamarkian worldview.)

*Communism (Same as in the OTL, but only more Trotskyist and imperialist)

*Absolute Monarchism

*Constitutional Monarchism

*Neo-Nepotism (Basically, an aristocratic oligarchy run by family members, relatives, and friends.)

Start Date: 1934 (option 1)

End Date: 1956

I'm not good at modding on HOI4, so I'm wondering if anyone else can make it possible.