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GeneralHelghast OP wrote

Since the Napoleonic Wars, France has become a constitutional monarchy under a restored Bourbon dynasty and has remained since as to opposed to in the OTL, thanks in part to republican rebels being arrested by the king. By the time of the mid 19th and early 20th centuries, the country is also a liberal democracy and its current ruler, King Jean I (Jean of Orléans in the OTL), has given refuge to escaping Jews and homosexuals from the Nationalist-Darwinist government in Germany. They ended up incorporating the tricolor of the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Eagle in order to satisfy the nationalist members of French society and prevent a republic and/or fascist take over. Much like in the Original timeline, they have built the Maginot Defensive Line in the hope of preventing German forces from invading French lands via the German region Alsace-Lorraine, although a few critics believe that they underestimate Fuhrer Kranz's determination to enslave Europe. Within the streets of Paris, a secretive, pro-Trotsky Communist movement is hellbent on igniting an unlikely overthrow of the French monarchy, even if it means starting a bloody civil war, though this isn unlikely. For most of the people of the country, however, the Bourbons are their last hope against the growing tide of fascism in Europe. Yet within the country, the French Popular Party led by Philippe Pétain and his heir, Pierre Drieu La Rochelle, seeks to bring an end to the monarchy and seize power before their Communist rivals can, vowing to stop at nothing to aid Fuhrer Kranz in his campaign to remove the Jews from Europe. The FPP also seeks to launch a civil war within the Dominion of Canada by arming Quebec separatists who are sympathetic to their cause. In French Indochina, Vietnamese Marxists, backed by Leon Trotsky, are beginning to organize and start bloody rebellions throughout the colony, bringing French influence in the region into question. The current prime minister, Léon Blum, is desperately trying to maintain order in the streets of Paris as political factions threaten to destabilize Anglo-French defenses along the eastern borders of the French country, although it is doubtful that a civil war will ever occur, as stated earlier.

In this alternate universe, Jet-based aircraft are developed and used by the major powers of the world in like the late 1920's, which is earlier than how the first jet-engine took flight in August 27, 1939 of our timeline. In this same universe that I wish to become a mod, Nikolai Tesla becomes more successful and his inventions end up making the world slightly more advanced as well as the reason why the Anglo-French-German Alliance won the First Great War in the first place. Also, in this alternate universe, especially with the Protestant Reformation having little affect on Germany thanks to Luther's banishment, Galileo Galilei and other supporters of the heliocentric model are not censored or excommunicated by the church as opposed to in the OTL, the reason being that in the latter of the two timelines, the Catholic Church's experience with dealing with the rise of Protestantism and its literalist interpretation of scripture made them fearful of losing followers. In this universe that I am proposing, the Catholic Church is divided into traditionalists, who are the conservative bunch, the pro-liberal reformists, and the nostalgic, clerical-eugenicist movement called the Clerical Darwinists, who adopt Darwinian evolution as part of their social-Darwinist interpretation of scripture and promote a return to the glory days of the Crusader Knights (ex. Knights Templar, Teutonic Knights). But, of course, I think that the Catholic Church in this universe doesn't have a country of its own, and I don't recommend making them their own country separate from Italy, but it holds great influence throughout the world nevertheless. In this universe, the major powers also have access to Tesla-styled power armor, which are used by elite regiments of each country's respective military. Most Conservative Protestants, particularly in United States in this universe, are more skeptical about heliocentrism and evolution and hold on to the belief that the Earth is a flat, 6000-year-old disc. the European Protestants, though more accepting of evolution, still feel distrustful towards heliocentrism, viewing it as a "Catholic contradiction" to passages in the Protestant Bible.

The Germans and their Italian allies soon join forces with a vengeful Confederate States of America, a growing Japanese Empire (led by Hideki Tojo), an embittered Spain, and a nostalgic Sweden as the world gets closer towards the brink of another world war.

Intro Theme:

the World in 1934

Starting Factions

Allied Forces:

United Kingdom of England and Wales

Kingdom of France


Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

Turkish Soviet Socialist Republic

Berlin-Rome Pact:

Nationalist Darwinist Germany/Greater German Reich

Fascist Italy

The Black Pact:

Norse Federation

Greater Aztec Empire


*Liberalism (Same as OTL Liberalism)

*Conservatism (Same as OTL Conservatism)

*Social Democracy (Same as OTL Social Democracy)

*Reactionary Democracy (A Reactionary form of direct democracy based on traditional values and staunch, anti-immigrant rhetoric)

*Fundamentalism (Same as OTL Fundamentalism)

*Classical Fascism (Mostly like OTL Fascism, but more into culture than race; very patriarchal and traditionalist mixed with militarism)

*Nationalist-Fideist (Alternative form of fascism based on Neopaganism, Occultism, Militarism, Traditionalism, Ultranationalism, Homophobia, Antisemitism, Patriarchy, Spiritual Racism, Anti-Christianity, Antisemitism, Islamophobia, Anti-Buddhism, and Fideism)

*National-Darwinism (Alternative form of fascism based on Antisemitism, Social Darwinism, Technocracy, Stratocracy, Militarism, Homophobia, Eugenics, Scientific Racism, Völkisch Catholicism (Germany, France, Ireland, and Italy only), Völkisch Atheism (England only), and Ultranationalism mixed with very progressive views on women's rights.)

*Socialism (Same as the one in the OTL).

*Collectivist-Syndicalism (Far-Left, militaristic alternative to normal Communism that involves a hierarchal system based on military rank instead of wealth or race and is very socially progressive; they oppose religion and Darwinian evolution in favor of an atheistic Lamarkian worldview.)

*Communism (Same as in the OTL, but only more Trotskyist and imperialist)

*Absolute Monarchism

*Constitutional Monarchism

*Neo-Nepotism (Basically, an aristocratic oligarchy run by family members, relatives, and friends.)

Start Date: 1934 (option 1)

End Date: 1956

I'm not good at modding on HOI4, so I'm wondering if anyone else can make it possible.