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Talk about your favorite and less favorite gaming moments! Tales of Salt or Glory? Playing a new game? Revisiting an old one? Want to just talk about videogames in general? This is the place for that.


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Dystopia_Drifter wrote

I've been rocking the new PS VITA CFW 3.65 recently, set up with FFX, XCOM, Metal Gear HD and Don't Starve at the moment. I'm impressed at the hardware for a handheld, I saw an individual boasting online about a functioning Dreamcast emulator on the VITA, they had screenshots of them playing Shenmue while on the bus.

"Would you like.. another?"


_______deleted__________ wrote (edited )

I've mostly been revisiting some of my favorite metroidvanias (Super Metroid, Castlevania SotN, AM2R, Iconoclasts) while I'm trying to patiently wait for the next expansion to Hollow Knight.

I'm probably going to wait a while as GOG probably will get the Linux version of the update last.

On a slightly different note. I always love revisiting Super Metroid and seeing what order I can do things in by sequence breaking. That is such a great game for getting people to think a bit outside the box.


GrimWillow wrote

I love those types of games. Full open world sidescroll platformer. I have too many fond memories playing SotN, especially since Alucard looks as though you're playing as a victorian vampire Sephiroth. Loved Metroid, but haven't played since I was a kid, and I haven't tried AM2R or Iconoclasts yet...


_______deleted__________ wrote

I'd recommend checking out Hollow Knight then. It captures that atmospheric loneliness really well, has tight controls, beautiful hand-drawn graphics, great orchestral music, allows for creative sequence breaking, and all the expansions so far have been free.

The base game itself is only 15USD.


GrimWillow wrote

I have a few friends that play Rust. They've been on the "r/playrust" server, and they've been throwing up Ⓐ's and AnCom flags. They would def ally with you if you run into them! I don't have the game, so I can't play, but they could use some solidarity if you can!