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Post your own recommendations, and I'll pop em in! And be sure to check this out too!

#Awesome & Free Linux Games:

Strategy / Tactics:

  • FreeCiv - Free clone of Civilization

  • FreeCol - Clone of Colonization

  • FreeOrion - Clone of Master of Orion

  • OpenRA - Open-Source implementation of C&C: Red Alert, Tiberian Sun, and Dune 2000

  • Tanks of Freedom - Turn based strategy, similar to Advance Wars on the GBA.

  • The Battle For Wesnoth - Open-source turn-based fantasy RPG/Strategy hybrid

  • Hedgewars - Clone of the game Worms

  • UFO: Alien Invasion - Turn-based tactical combat game, inspired by the X-Com series.

  • Argentum Age - Open-source fantasy card game

  • UFO2000 - Another X-Com inspired game

  • Wyrmsun - An interesting fantasy RTS

  • 0 A.D. - Incredible 3D RTS, professional grade. (Not suitable for low-end systems)

  • Spring RTS - RTS game engine that has a few complete games made from it, like Zero-K

  • Warzone 2100 - 3D RTS that offers campaign, multi-player, and single-player skirmish modes.

  • Megaglest - RTS where you control the armies of one of seven different factions

City Builder/Tycoon:

  • OpenTTD - open-source clone of Transport Tycoon Deluxe

  • Unknown Horizons - Village builder inspired by the Anno series

  • Scorched 3D - Simple turn-based or real-time artillery strategy game

  • Simutrans - Open-source transportation simulator clone.

  • Widelands - Polished Settlers clone


  • Heroine's Quest - Fantastic free Point'n'Click RPG inspired by the Quest for Glory series from Sierra

  • Beneath a Steel Sky - Classic adventure game with excellent artwork and voice talent. Should be available in the Ubuntu repos

  • ScummVM's Freeware Games - Some fantastic point'n'click games here, my favourite probably being Dreamweb

  • Solarus Games - Solarus is a game engine for making Zelda-like games, but there are many completed games available on their website, and also community made games

  • Flare - A surprisingly in-depth and polished isometric RPG

  • Eldevin - F2P Runescape clone with a distinct charm


Space Sim/Trading/RPG:





  • SuperTuxCart - Open-source clone of the Mario Cart games (Not suitable for low-end systems)

  • Yorg - A top-down racer in the Micro Machine's style.

  • Speed Dreams - Realistic racing sim

First Person Shooter/Stealth:

  • Cube 2 - Quake-like Arena online FPS with multiple game modes

  • Xonotic - Quake-like Arena online FPS

  • FreeDoom - Best used with Chocolate Doom

  • Dystopia - A cyberpunk online FPS

  • Urban Terror - Fast paced online FPS reminiscent of Counter-Strike

  • OpenArena - Online arena FPS using the id tech engine

  • Fistful of Frags - Online Western FPS

  • Ravenfield - Singleplayer Battlefield type game

  • Termulous - RTS/FPS Hybrid with aliens!

  • Alien Arena - Retro Sci-Fi Online FPS

  • Red Eclipse - Online FPS with parkour

  • ET Legacy - Wolfenstein: Enemey Territory for modern systems

  • The Dark Mod - Fan-made spin-off the the fantastic Thief series (Not suitable for low-end systems)

Minecraft Clones:



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ziq wrote

Lots of stuff on this list I didn't know about, thanks.

I wish strategy games weren't so imperialist. looks good but the whole 'build your colony' shit makes me sad.


GrimWillow wrote

ik! so much imperialist colonialist bullshit everywhere. I always try to play as an Anarchist, but I'm always frustrated with the "on-rails" politics included in games. It's either the ignorance of the dev, or the intentional design; either way, it's fuckin annoying.

This is the good thing about it being open source...easier to change...but there's too many ignorant, but skilled, devs out there...


Random_Revolutionary wrote

Dwarf fortress isnt free as in freedom yet. The dev wants to oss it if he dies thought. it is free as in beer.


GrimWillow wrote (edited )

Argentum Age looks killer! I've been looking for a decent open source card game. The artwork looks so good too!

lots of games to explore here! thanks!


sudo wrote

Coregrounds doesn't seem to be libre.


Acererak wrote (edited )

Ryzom - mmorpg

Lugaru - fighting game

pokerth - texas hold 'em


OKC wrote

It's mostly clones, where are the original games?


Dirtbagleftist wrote

Most if not all libre games seem to be clones of existing games.


mofongo OP wrote

Not really, just on this list there are many original (or inspired by) games. Clones just get most brands recognizition. Although other games get unfair comparisons, like 0ad being compared with Age of Empires when they only share the theme.