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Amy wrote

Holy heck the PS4 came out in 2013, I was not expecting the last gen to have been 5 years ago.

This would give the PS4 a longer release-successor life than the PS3 too, which is crazy to think.


ziq wrote (edited )

Next gen will probably be cloud based, so it could very well be the last. Sony is also moving away from the hardware business because of razor thin profit margins. If their next console is designed to last forever, people won't keep upgrading to new hardware and it'll keep the landfills from overflowing.


Amy wrote (edited )

I suppose that's a good way for the industry to go, even if I dislike the idea of technology becoming less owned by the user and more by the company. I lost all interest in mainstream consoles after Sony did a 180 on the PS3's Linux support, now if I want a console that I can mod I have to grab something from gen 7 and probably flash a ROM chip, or go with Nintendo (I'd love to have a Switch that can dual-boot between the stock OS and a full Linux environment, but I can't see the vulnerabilities lasting long enough)

EDIT: So I did some reading around and it turns out I can do exactly what I wanted to with a switch as long as I get one with a non-patched bootrom, and tether to my PC every time I boot Linux. Pretty nice!