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I have an anarcho-syndicalist empire. We were originally the Free Association of Human Persons (or FAHP). Now that we've made first contact and several other races of non-human people and non-people have joined the empire we changed our name to Association of Sentient Siblings (ASS). We take naming conventions very seriously.

Situated to the north of my empire is a libertarian, fanatic collectivist, militarist empire. they're pretty cool.

A little beyond the borders of that empire is a state communist empire. They really really wanna be my friend. I'm just not interested. they're just gonna get into a war to take other another empire and then turn on me after we win. (unsure if they are actually gonna but it'd be funny as hell if they were coded that way).

The worst of it though is that to my south there is an anarcho capitalist empire, like that's literally what it's called in game. Anarcho-capitalists. They are fiercely competitive, "libertarian" and materialist. They're also trying to take all my land and resources. because ofc they are. I'm probably going to end up in a war bc of them.

I'm just trying to build a socialist utopia refuge for all the souls in the universe who care to come around. how do capitalists manage to ruin even that???

let me have my fully automated luxury space gay anarchism damnit.



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tuesday OP wrote

I'm also really good friends with a machine collective intelligence. they're probably going to try to assimilate us, but for now they are sharing a lot of research sooooooo we'll see how that ends.


Bezotcovschina wrote

I hate that in Stellaris there is no true egalitarian ascension paths. All paths assume forceful assimilation of other species to your path. And playing without any ascension path is like intentionally handicapping yourself. Haven't played Stellaris for a looong time, tho. Might try a non-ascension run