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__0 wrote

I DO believe that i will feel the special softness! Had to look up the word larruping to check if it was a word in a dictionary, it is actually!


fortmis OP wrote

We poured over this mystery for quite a while and the best we could come up with is that it is an equivalent for "smashing" like in the British sense ... "Simply smashing!"

How about you?? What interpretation did you settle on?

Can't get over the "obviously" that precedes it hahahah


__0 wrote (edited )

Its definitely the result of something being translated using a thesaurus and a lack of background with English idioms

Its unambiguously the phenomenon of something being converted utilizing a thesaurus and a vacancy of exercising with British shibboleths


roanoke9 wrote

I thought larruping was just LARPing pronounced with a heavy drawl.