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Bezotcovschina wrote

The story from my first full playthrough (spoilers):

After countless restarts, I finally reached the stage where you kinda steamroll anything, I still hadn't understand a lot of mechanics, so my strategy and tactic were lacking at best, none of my choices was really optimal, but at some point I begun to feel that I finally nailed it. And when I've figured out what should I do to advance the plot, I've started rushing it to finally reveal to myself what it's all about. So, as soon I've got able to launch final assault on that base on the Mars, I thought "Let's deal with it, we're ready!" We wasn't ready. Half of the team was panicked or dominated shortly after the landing, few was manage to get inside the base and finally only one soldier left running from any threat through alien corridors. And then I've saw that brain thing - that's it, I should probably forget about anything and just shoot that alien brain thing! So that one soldier was standing and shooting this thing for several turns while under the fire of several high-level aliens. And they did it! By sheer luck we managed to finish that brain before they got us! How happy I was finally seeing the ending "cut-scene"! Memories like that are with you forever.


monday OP wrote

I've tried this game a couple of times as this was a staple on abandonware games.

Never played it on the 90s.

Never got it right.

Maybe the learning curve was steep, dunno. I always got so many incidents that I couldn't respond, spend money not knowing how to do it, my soldiers getting killed too easy/the game mechanics got me fucked everytime, not sure if I got any missions 100%.

But the current state of things reminded of this lol