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when_you_sleep wrote

i've been playing terraria for the first time and it's been a fun game :)


asterism wrote

I have to stay away from this game because it so completely absorbs me and my time.


idkalice wrote

havent played it in a big while but it seems they've added toilets that you can shit in which sounds great


Archaplain wrote

just started victoria 3, it so overwhelming yet fun to learn all the mechanics.


existential1 OP wrote

Is that game coded to make anything other than capitalist utopia a non-feasible strategy like sim city is?


byro1234512345 wrote

No if anything it favours a socialist playthrough Hell you can even play as a anarchist society


Bird wrote

Been playing Duskers, pretty fun game with a spooky atmosphere to it.



__0 wrote

Wanting to invite my friends over for drinks and a couple games of Chess


OdiousOutlaw wrote (edited )

I modded the shit out of Skyrim and X-com 2 and they've more-or-less dominated my drastically reduced video game playing time.

I've been trying to get back into some games that I've never really finished, but I usually just play, like, a round/level/mission before going back to the previous two.

I think that my passion for gaming is dying and it's pretty distressing.


existential1 OP wrote

Yeah, i have ~40 mods on my zomboid game. Modded games are so fun.


karakondjul wrote

Excited for when I have time to get into Sable. 😍


asterism wrote (edited )

I finished everhood. Brilliant game highly reccomend if you like having an existential crisis or thinking about death.

I know this sounds sarcastic but it is brilliant and I do highly reccomend it. a game that has what seems like a formula that should get stale but then it keeps surprising you.


akaf wrote

I want to play the new god of war but no playstation:(((