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so this isn't really a very well known game but it's not terribly obscure, sort of a cult (lol) following. anyways i've been playing this game and it's pretty fun so far, so since there's talk abt doom here occasionally i figured some ppl might be interested, it's in the build engine (same as duke nukem, shadow warrior, redneck rampage, etc). plot is basically you're playing as this former cultist guy called caleb coming back from the dead out of pure spite to kill everyone in the cult that betrayed him and his friends lol.

so i've only played doom but this is a bit of a step up, weapons are pretty creative, levels look like actual locations instead of abstract tech/hell mazes, caleb is this funny evil guy who has one liners, haven't really noticed anything problematic so far beyond the use of the words "bitch" and "idiot", unless you also consider the gratuitous virtual bloodshed to be problematic but like what are you doing on a post abt a boomer shooter called blood then. game has sort of a reverse difficulty curve where the first few levels are pretty fucking hard but it gets more manageable once you get more weapons and armor.

so if you want to play a fun boomer shooter for whatever reason you can play this, since it's kinda hard you might wanna look for help on how to find secrets and shit, wiki is pretty good. you can buy an official port on steam, or use the bloodgdx port (u need the game files seperately tho, you can get like a gog version that has them) which is what i use, tho u might want to set up the cutscenes and get a cool sc55 music pack if you don't want the default midis, port has a file that helps with this



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GroundFrost wrote

Speaking of these types of shooters, and since you mentioned doom, it reminded me theres a really neat standalone mod of doom 2 called Ashes 2063 I was playing a few weeks ago thatd be worth checking out for anyone looking for that style of game too.


idkalice OP wrote

yes, i know about it! i tried playing it this summer (post apocalyptic doom mod with revolver was very appealing to me lol) but i got sidetracked, i might start again if i ever feel like it, i think there's a sequel called ashes afterglow too


GroundFrost wrote

I was attracted to it for the same vibe haha. Having the electric lantern for exploring dark spaces and even the motorcycle was a neat feature too. Def a fun use of the game engine


Fool wrote

Boomer? What? I played Blood when it came out... I'm not that old... It was probably a bit inappropriate for my age, but still.

What makes it boomer?


asterism wrote

I fail to remember who right now but there was or is a user around here who is super into doom. I made a thread a long time back under my old account with people listing off their favorite games and they had like 10 and all were doom style games.