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deeppurplehazedream wrote

I am not a gamer, but do I understand this right: Every time you shifted left it got more painful?


bloodrose wrote (edited )

Rest it!! I gave myself tennis elbow playing graveyard keeper. I'm sure if I had just rested instead of playing again the next day, I wouldn't be struggling to lift things now.

Also, solidarity/understanding. ♥️


gone_to_croatan wrote

I have a cousin that had a blister in the Thumb with a letter A impressed on it bc of the Mega Drive controller (RoadRash was the game)


granite wrote

Dude Nintendo Switch controllers were not meant for die hard players playing games like SF2. Wrecked. Trying to figure out a way to blame it on Nintendo and get free controllers or at the least a coupon.


temtemy wrote

Touhou players: pathetic


frankbrooks wrote (edited )

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