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tuesday wrote

I'm playing Disco Elysium and it's wild. obvi the focus on commuists/ism doesn't translate 100% to an anarchist but I will say that some of the ways that the game critiques communism are applicable to anarchists.

And to be honest there's one line from the game that really stirred something in me and encouraged me to do more active work as I'm able, which is impressive for a video game about a drunk cop.


Zerush wrote

There are a lot of playthrougs in YT of The Dark Mod missions, often needed because of the complexity of some missions. (The game is free and OpenSource)


AnarchoDoom wrote (edited )

It looks like an exact copy of that last Thief game... isn't it? At least there seems to be a gazillion new quests which means interesting potential over the rather limited maps you had in the original game.


Zerush wrote (edited )

It's a fan made trbute to the Thief serie, first as mod for the DOOM III engine, but now standalone with the own engine and with now over 120 fan made missions. It's the best and most complete OpenSource single player game I know, with distance, even better as the original. Very advisablee, I play it since more than 4 years now, never boring.


metocin wrote

doing insurrection in Skyrim, indiscriminately wiping out all Legion, Stormcloaks and town guards


Bezotcovschina OP wrote (edited )

Rediscovering Warlords Battlecry III. Innovative approach to the genre, lots of cool mechanics. Very fun to play with friends.

EDIT: It's like your Heroes of M&M but slightly different