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annikastheory wrote (edited )

Here he hates on the "NES generation"

Maybe it's NES generation coming into their own as designers but I fucking HATE THIS shit.

Then here he says

I want an internet for people 35 and over,please. But not Facebook.

So he hates the NES generation but he wants an internet for people NES generation and older.

Also someone needs to tell him to git gud.

On an tangent anyone remember the drama with Jonathan Blow? good times.


Vulgar_Soda wrote

someone needs to tell him to git gud

I'm judging the hell outta this butthurt gamer. Nintendo makes some of the most accessible (in terms of difficulty) games on the market. Metroid hasn't been hard since the NES era. but forget about punishing save systems or malicious enemy patterns. This guy got beat by a fucking block. lol. Obtuse puzzles or pixel hunts are no match for the YouTube generation. If there's a game, there's documentation of it somewhere on the internet. No excuses. I play obscure import games. Sometimes you gotta dig for an answer, but the answer is there. A player getting stuck in a modern game tells me this: they didn't try. Which is fine. That some video games demand perfection isn't an indictment on the NES generation, though. Just means some less-than-committed players will miss out on whatever experience. Git gud and get the experience of winning.

I never beat Mega Man 2. Still the best game ever! I probably could. I would have to try harder. Just don't feel like grinding out the final boss. That fucking Alien ...

Jonathan Blow



Echoes wrote

Bad Design, Says God of War Creator

All I needed to know lol