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Zerush wrote

The Dark Mod (OpenSource) works also great in Linux.


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Zerush wrote (edited )

It is a few years old, at first it was a simple mod for DOOM 3, created by fans of the old Thief series, but later it has become standalone and with its own engine it no longer requires DOOM to be able to play it.

It has a great community that continually creates new missions for this game (there are already more than 100), and if you want, you can even create your own missions, you can download also the editor, if you want (in the TDM Wiki is a full manual)

For graphics, atmosphere and gameplay it certainly has nothing to envy to commercial games, it is even better than the original series on which it is based. In my opinion it is undoubtedly the best OpenSource first person singleplayer game, also by far.

The game by default (~3Gb) has a huge training mission, where you learn the use of the different tools, the stealth, moving objects, etc., and 2 easy missions, All other missions you can download and add from the game menu itself.

It's a stealth game, but include nearly any other game type, adventure, rol, mystery, FPS, survival horror, room escape, puzzle elements..., it's a game for many years. Every mission has a Walkthrough in YouTube, because some missions are very huge and complicated, easy to get stucked.