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This is a very long-running CounterStrike-like online multiplayer, and while it's not a FOSS game in any conventional sense, it's freeware, and developed by volunteer programmers over the years. Been playing back and forth over the past decade or so. Some servers are still alive and got some community feedback, even tho their long-expected beta for version 5.0 seems to be taking forever...



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veuzi wrote (edited )

I played it quite a bit in the mid-late 2000s as it was one of the only good free FPS games that I could run on Mac OSX. I remember playing that map with the castle and sorrounding forests a lot, and also never being to able to clear any of the jump maps, even the easy ones. I really liked the climbing mechanics despite me sucking at it, though.

I haven't played it since I got myself a Windows PC and got really into CS, TF2 and Garry's Mod, and as of now I haven't played any serious FPS games for a long time. Might get back into it some day.