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This list was going to be just ten but I kept thinking of more. Probably some of my top ten all times in here but I don't feel like putting the effort into figuring that out. So in no real order.

  1. Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion
  2. Fallout New Vegas
  3. Wild Arms
  4. Civilization IV
  5. Slay the Spire
  6. Crash Bandicoot / Spyro
  7. Okami
  8. Jak II
  9. Dragon Age: Inquistion / Origins
  10. DOOM (2016)
  11. Metro 2033
  12. Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor
  13. Tabletop simulator
  14. Shadow of the Colossus
  15. Tony Hawk Pro Skater
  16. The Legend of Zelda Botw Ocarina Majora's Windwaker
  17. The Messenger
  18. Sonic the Hedgehog/ Sonic Adventure 2
  19. Alien Isolation
  20. The Stanley Parable
  21. Chrono Trigger
  22. Super Mario World 2
  23. Bubble Bobble
  24. Super Mario Bros 3
  25. Super Smash Bros. Melee
  26. Final Fantasy Tactics
  27. Final Fantasy X
  28. Rogue Legacy
  29. Fucking Battletoads
  30. Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo


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inthedustofthisplanet wrote (edited )

  1. Half-Life 1 (Including virtually EVERY MOD EVER MADE)

  2. Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

  3. Morrowind

  4. Black and White

  5. Populous

  6. Age of Empires II

  7. Age of Mythology

  8. Rise of Nations

  9. Return to Castle Wolfenstein

  10. Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

  11. Cataclysm Dark Days Ahead

  12. ARMA: Cold War Assault / Operation Flashpoint

  13. Team Fortress Classic / Team Fortress 2

  14. Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun & Red Alert 2

  15. Doom 2

  16. Hexen / Heretic

  17. Endless Space 2

  18. Sins of a Solar Empire

  19. Dwarf Fortress


  21. Starseiege Tribes / Tribes 2

  22. Jingle Cats

  23. Quake

  24. LSD Dream Emulator

  25. Fallout Tactics

  26. Gran Turismo 2

  27. Civilization 3

  28. Sid Meiers Pirates


annikastheory OP wrote

You obviously really like the doom fps and you have a lot of RTS on here as well

I didn't even think of Age of Empires II and Age of mythology. I sunk so much time into those games!

Only ever played the second Black and white. Really loved it but It had some fatal bug that crashed it every time i got to the final level so I never once beat it. Maybe I need to check out the original.

Never heard of Cataclysm Dark Days Ahead. Gives me nethack/dwarf fortress vibes. Read about the way people contribute to the game, sounds really interesting.

Somehow I own Endless space 2 but I have never played it, weird how that happens.


inthedustofthisplanet wrote

You obviously really like the doom fps

You have no idea. I remember playing Doom back on dial-up and naturally it means I love anything built off that original engine (like the Quake engine and GoldSrc for HL1).

I love RTS quite a lot and I am a big turtle style player. I want games to last forever.

Only ever played the second Black and white. Really loved it but It had some fatal bug that crashed it every time i got to the final level so I never once beat it. Maybe I need to check out the original.

It's my favorite God game next to Populous, but also WorldBox is pretty cool for android, but is also supported on PC!

Never heard of Cataclysm Dark Days Ahead. Gives me nethack/dwarf fortress vibes. Read about the way people contribute to the game, sounds really interesting.

It's the perfect zombie survival game. Truly just an open world survival sim. I use this tileset to make the game look prettier. I am a massive roguelike fan.

RogueBasin is updated pretty often!

Somehow I own Endless space 2 but I have never played it, weird how that happens.

Play it and prepare to lose hours of your life.


annikastheory OP wrote

It's my favorite God game next to Populous, but also WorldBox is pretty cool for android, but is also supported on PC!

definitely going to check those out too.

Play it and prepare to lose hours of your life.

Lol almost sounds like a threat. Endless Space 2 is at the top of my list. Playing fallout 2 now, probably going to do FF VI next and then that one.

Rogue like is a genre I haven't delved into enough.Really excited about roguebasin looks like a good place to do just that.


inthedustofthisplanet wrote

The PSX version of Populous is the best IMO. But I also play the DS version on an emulator. :P

And roguelikes are just so special to me. Never get tired of them. Highly recommend Caves of Qud, Allure of the Stars, Angband!!!!


RadicalConstructivist wrote

in roughly chronological order of discovery

  1. Super Mario 64 (first game I ever played)

  2. Lego Rock Raiders

  3. The Simpsons: Hit & Run

  4. Burnout 3

  5. Age of Empires: The Age of Kings (DS)

  6. Spore

  7. Age of Mythology

  8. New Super Mario Bros

  9. Super Mario Galaxy 2

  10. Super Paper Mario

  11. Minecraft lol

  12. Kerbal Space Program

  13. Europa Universalis IV

  14. Victoria II

  15. Crusader Kings II

  16. Stellaris

  17. Hearts of Iron IV (hmm I'm noticing a pattern here)

  18. Minetest I guess lol

  19. Crusader Kings III

  20. To round it off at 20: Stronghold Crusader


annikastheory OP wrote

The Simpsons: Hit & Run

There was a fan HD remake that was out for like a week last month until it got taken down. Also I haven't played but there is the donut mods which are like extended campaigns for the game.

Burnout 3

This game might be one of my favorite racers. I might like burnout revenge a smidge more just for the absolutely ridiculous mechanic of traffic checking but really both games are great. Also loved the need for speed games of that era, but they had an entirely different feel.

Age of Mythology

As others have said so good.


I never did play spore, I heard very mixed things about it when it came out which led me to pass it over. Some people seemed to love it some seemed to hate it. Maybe I need to give it a go (lol I have said that so much in this thread. I am really growing my backlog from this)

For a game that is nothing like spore Evo: search for Eden is a really interesting snes title that has evolution as a central mechanic.

New Super Mario Bros

This game makes me angry but not for the reason you might think. I was really surprised, I was skeptical when this game came out but Its an absolute blast. But I can't get the people in my life to play it with me! Like they will play mario party or smash bros but if this game comes up they all cringe and think about how hard mario bros. is. They haven't even played this one, and they never will, and it makes me so angry. I could probably rant for awhile about it.

Super paper mario

These ones are actually already on my list of games to play. I am excited about them.


zoom_zip wrote

hey can i post my own?

  1. d&d
  2. chrono trigger
  3. fallout 2
  4. dark souls
  5. shadow of the colossus
  6. the beginner's guide
  7. cave story
  8. breath of fire 3
  9. everquest
  10. final fantasy vi, vii, viii
  11. dark saviour
  12. tales of maj eyal
  13. return of the obra dinn
  14. terraria
  15. monkey island 2: lechuck's revenge
  16. toejam and earl
  17. lisa
  18. civ ii
  19. shadowrun snes
  20. resident evil 1, 2 and 3
  21. vandal hearts ii
  22. within a deep forest

something like that idk i'm not good at remembering


zoom_zip wrote

my notes on the games off the top of my head (full spoilers):


when i say d&d, what i really mean is tabletop rpgs. i love most that i have played. i put d&d at the top because of time-tested longevity, but i'm not talking about any specific edition (bx, 2e, 5e, whatever), and i am being inclusive to whatever the hell other game is out there that is great: shadowrun, vtm, mork borg, whatever. tabletop rpgs are the best because you can really make them your own. if you get a bad gm they can suck hard, but when you get a good group, it's a kind of collaborative storytelling that is unlike anything else.

chrono trigger

there's a part in chrono trigger where you leave your robot behind to terraform a desert into a forest, and then use your time machine to jump forwards 500 years, and for you it's only been five minutes, but your rusted and decayed robot is sitting there waiting for you; and you brush off the leaves and clear the debris, and help him to his feet, and he's just been sat there waiting for you for 500 years, but that desert is now a forest. i found this really heavy. and it's just one tiny throwaway/optional part of the game. the whole game is filled with moments like this. lots of little heavy moments that all add up to one big thing, but you can give or take most of them, and a lot of them you won't even see.

fallout 2

look i know it's kind of old and clunky and doesn't hold up as well as it could in terms of janky gameplay mechanics, but fuck me if it isn't one of the best games i ever played and no i don't think any of the new games (even new vegas) hold a freakin' candle to it. everything that came after 2 took the skin of fallout, but left the heart behind. the game has so much heart, it has so much detail. like how in fallout 2 you can see the progression of settlements between the two games. you can see how certain places have evolved and grown in the wasteland, and you can see how their buildings have improved, and where they have grown grass and trees. the game isn't stuck in a stasis of POST-APOCALYPSE, the characters are genuinely trying to improve themselves. sure, in the den they all live in bombed out buildings, but go south to redding and find a place where they are rebuilding their buildings out of clay bricks. go to broken hills and find a place where they've constructed some new buildings out of adobe and planted trees and tried to move on. the new games just take POST-APOCALYPSE-SANDBOX and toss you into it, but they are like capsules of time where nobody seems to care about rebuilding the world, because the devs just think it's too cool of a setting or something. idk, i could rant about this for years. fuck you. i don't need your validation. fallout 2 is the best game. bethesda sucks.

dark souls

i hesitate to list this one because i know there are people who make dark souls a part of their personality, and those people are chodes. but i do think it's a great game. a really great game. i admire the way it takes a pretty deep lore and story, and then refuses to give it to you as a player, and makes you work to figure it out. all the narrative is hidden behind cryptic npc dialogue, and in item descriptions, and in tiny interpretive architectural placements of statues that you just kind of have to immerse yourself into the details if you want to figure it out. i like that. it's what shadow of the colossus does too. it doesn't hold your hand at any point. you have to figure it out.

shadow of the colossus

oh look, we were just talking about you. everything i just said about dark souls applies here too. it's the same. they do the same thing, but in different ways. i could actually kind of give or take the whole fighting giant monsters puzzle battle thing, but being dumped into a setting where you are free to roam around and explore and untangle this twisted web of inaccessible narrative. that's my jam.

the beginner's guide

this game flopped hard because it wasn't the stanley parable made over again. it wasn't the same thing, and people didn't like that. but it resonated with me hard, because there was a time when i was the protagonist of this game. i was the person who inserted myself into other people's things and tried to make them my own, but never really understood them or was never really good enough. i couldn't keep up with the creativity of others so i only dragged them down. it kind of hurt to play because it was like looking in a mirror. it helped me realise it, and change myself, and not many games can say that.

cave story

i mean, you've played cave story, right? so i don't need to explain why this game is so great. because you've played it. you've definitely played it, haven't you? yeah, you have.

breath of fire 3

i don't know why nobody talks about this game in the canon of rpgs but it's really good. it's cute, it's got a nice story, it's got a whole lot of cool mechanics (you can turn into a dragon). idk. i think it's better than most final fantasy games but everyone seemed to pass it over or forget that it exists.


my first dance with addiction. including this on my list is probably an exercise in pandering to nostalgia, but i would honestly go back and just live in this world for a while, even if it was empty. i'm not sure if the fact that it was an mmo has anything to do with how good it was; but probably. maybe it wouldn't be the same without other players. of course, you can't play this game anymore, even if you wanted to. it's gone. it has suffered from the disease of developers trying to maintain relevance by writing and over-writing it, so it is a monstrous abomination that has swallowed up any semblance of what it used to be. this is a problem with a lot of games, and the reason i've kept some other games off the list (path of exile i'm looking at you). when the devs decide to throw an udate on it, the version of the game that you love is gone. you can never get it back. if you could go back to 1999 though, i would recommend jumping on the everquest wagon.

final fantasy vi, vii, viii

to me, this is the peak of the series. i go back and forth between which of these three sit at the top, but it's always one of them. it changes depending on my mood, but if you started at six and played through to the end of eight, i think you would have a good time.

dark saviour

okay let me tell you a thing, and you can tell me if it sounds ambitious or overambitious. you are a bounty hunter. you start off on a boat transporting your quarry to a prison island. you're chilling out in your room and the alarm starts to sound. something is happening. a timer starts ticking down. you need to get to the captain's room. based on how long it takes you to get there, the whole game changes. the whole game. this game has like 7 distinct storylines all branching parallel from one diverging event. it's incredible. does the actual game live up to the ambition? not really. but do i love it for having the ambition? yes!

tales of maj eyal

this is the best roguelike.

return of the obra dinn

this is one of those games you can only play once, and you wish you could play again. but you can't, because you've done it. it's solved. it's an experience you can't get back. so if you play it, play it without any spoilers. it's a pretty short puzzle game.


terraria is an onion where the layers just keep coming off. at first i thought it was 2d minecraft, as people were calling it, but it's way more than that. building stuff in terraria is pretty in depth, but it's also not even necessary to play the game. like, maybe you will build a house, build some shops, get villagers to join you, build some wire machines to automate stuff, build some defenses to defend yourself from zombies, and then maybe all that shit will get destroyed by one boss who tears through the world and ruins everything. it's a game of milestones, and every time you hit one, the whole thing just seems to change. all of your priorities shift. you might abandon your whole base and go and make a new one from scratch elsewhere, all in preparation of fighting one particular boss. it's deep.

ran out of time, will edit the rest in later.


annikastheory OP wrote

I think your description of Chrono Trigger is spot on. Your decisions and the way you interact with things in the world have a real weight to them.

but they are like capsules of time where nobody seems to care about rebuilding the world, because the devs just think it's too cool of a setting or something. idk, i could rant about this for years. fuck you. i don't need your validation. fallout 2 is the best game. bethesda sucks.

lol. Ok you have convinced me I need to try Fallout 2.

i hesitate to list this one because i know there are people who make dark souls a part of their personality, and those people are chodes.

haha exactly. But also I think Dark souls is one of the few games that I don't think is possible to overrate. Its really a masterpiece.

i could actually kind of give or take the whole fighting giant monsters puzzle battle thing, but being dumped into a setting where you are free to roam around and explore and untangle this twisted web of inaccessible narrative. that's my jam.

Some Shadow of Colossus spoilers

Ok but what if I told you that the giant monsters are a key part of that narrative. At least thats what I would argue. I can't describe the feeling I got when I first realized that I am killing these things merely because I was told too. Like they are beautiful creatures each with a personality and fears and I am slaughtering them for my own selfish reason. I am valuing one life over many. ( that one with the fear of fire fucks me up )

And whats up with them any way? Why do they have building pieces affixed to them. Were they created? Or were they existing creatures some civilization tortured and experimented on? They are obviously connected to the quest giver, but why and how did that happen?

terraria is an onion where the layers just keep coming off.

Yeah I never got past that first layer. Definitely giving this one another go.

Also dark Saviour sounds cool and I want to check it out now too.


zoom_zip wrote

Ok but what if I told you that the giant monsters are a key part of that narrative.

oh yeah absolutely. it is, and it’s great.

but what i mean is, the actual gameplay of climbing on these creatures and killing them is kind of unfun. i think a lot of people are like “oh cool fight big monsters yeah,” and the game isn’t anything more than that for them. i find the climbing/killing sections kind of tedious, but I enjoy the world and the narrative and the meta narrative.


annikastheory OP wrote (edited )

Loved monkey island 2. If you like point and click Tsioque is great too ( not sure I spelled that right), its no monkey island 2 of course. But its cute and short and sweet.

I couldn't get into to Terraria felt like I was missing something. Maybe I should give it another shot though.

As for the beginners guide I didn't know the people behind Stanley Parable did another game I think that might move to the top of my to play list.

You have a ton of rpgs on there I have never played, a couple I have never heard of.

Also apparently Dark Saviour was for the sega saturn. I've never even touched a sega saturn, might need to find an emulator somewhere and look into some games on that system. Sega really did have a rough go of it.


zoom_zip wrote

Fucking Battletoads



annikastheory OP wrote (edited )

Some brief notes on these games and what I like about them.

Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion

So everyone loves Skyrim but I think Oblivion is better in almost every way. I think the place it really shines is in the writing behind its quests and stories. Even the minor, "less memorable" quests are fantastic. Also there were things broken about the characters design and leveling (like it was possible to get 125% chameleon and just do anything), but thats beautiful too because it really encourages you into actually building a character and into roleplaying. (I did hate the acrobatic skill though)

Fallout New Vegas

Hbomberguy does like an 1h 30 min love letter to this game thats actually worth watching, if you are so inclined. But in short one of the things that makes this game great is that it is incredibly political. The post apocalyptic world is full of factions that all have their idealogies and political motivations and you are thrust into the middle of all of them. You can discuss hegelian dialectics with a wanna be Caesar, or watch a "Capitalist autocrat" have a temper tantrum when you withhold his property. You can play secret service for a wildly inefficient expansionist democracy. You can also genocide some natives for a disgraced war general turned Mormon. Or you could do none of those things and decide to seek out your own self interests. (and then have those same political factions send hit squads to kill you). Its really something else (I also Highly recommend the Ultimate Jsawyer mod to make the world just a little more unforgiving)

Wild Arms

I played 1-5, never played Alter Code F which apparently is a remake of the first 1. 1-3 are great games, Personally I don't think 4 and 5 are worth playing. 1 is my favorite though. A PS1 era JRPG. Its an old western themed game with Sci-fi elements. The soundtrack is great, the world has plenty of places to explore and the game has a great pace and it never feels like it drags. I also fell in love with the sci-fi western atmosphere and the story itself. Maybe one of my all time favorite games honestly. I may be biased a little though because it might be one of the first rpgs I ever played.

Civilization V

[ I accidentally put IV in the list but never played IV]

I am not sure what to say about CIV other than I love it. Its a 4x game.

Slay the Spire

Part card game part rouge like. If you like card drafting games like Dominion then you probably will like this one. Each of the 4 characters have several very viable strategies and they each have their own feel. Its really a game that is well designed and offers a lot of depth.

Crash Bandicoot / Spyro

I probably shouldn't have combined these (they are platformers from the same area) They both are great platformers. I am going to pick one though and that one is Crash. A really solid and occasionally difficult platformer. But not difficult in an arbitrary way, generally if you died it was your fault (sometimes in the 1st game it was hard to judge distances but they ironed that out in the 2nd and 3rd) . Crash as a character is also rather funny, I have appreciation for the mannerisms they gave him and the sounds that he makes.


The whole game is gorgeous. The animation takes hints from Japanese artwork. The gameplay too is at least in part about painting. There are also pieces to the story that really subvert expectations and some interesting twists.

Apparently they ported this to the wii, which sounds like a nightmare to me.

Jak II

Made by the people who made Crash. Vastly different from the first Jak and Dakter Jak II is sort of like GTA meets a platformer. So it has a grittiness to it and of course you have guns and can highjack cars. Controls aren't great all the time. Story was good, really enjoyed the villians. I didn't think of it until now but a better semi-similar game might be the ratchet and clank series which is also a platformer but it leans way more into the gun side of things.

Dragon Age: Inquistion / Origins

Wow what can I say about these games. Bioware really knows how to write characters and that alone makes these games shine. Also it does a great job with politics (though I do have more than a few gripes about some of the "decisions" given to you in Inquisition). Probably the best mission in origins has you wrapped up in Dwarven politics and culture. Seriously each part of it is relevant, from their caste system, to their ancestor worship, to the way a king is chosen and their history. Inquistion polishes a lot of the quirks of the first game and introduces an interesting map system by which you can enforce your political agenda upon the world (it is an authoritarian political agenda of course).

DOOM (2016)

I don't think you can talk about this game without talking about its soundtrack. Seriously just go listen to it now. An intensely fast paced shooter that slaughters you for making the poor decision to stop moving. Nothing gives me the feeling of pure adrenaline this game does, it is almost stressful but in a good way. The story is also really interesting because the main character is the unstoppable object that barrels ahead with singular purpose and the other characters in the game are forced to take this into account. This makes him easy to predict for most of the characters but also easy to underestimate. Which leads you to feeling like a total badass when every measure to stop you inevitably fails.

Haven't played eternal yet, I have heard its even better, I don't know.

Metro 2033

A FPS with an amazing story. Set in a postapocalyptic russia complete with enemy Nazis and Commies. Its a very linear story driven FPS. Very similar to maybe the newer Wolfenstein games. I highly recommend this one.

Haven't played exodus yet.

Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor

I think the combat could have been a tad better. Also for a Lord of the rings game you spend a lot of time in one place (basically the whole game). But the rival/vengeance system maybe one of the best I have seen, and it adds greatly to the game andd integrates with the story rather well. Also it is thrilling to build an Orc army and to off high ranking enemy orc Generals. Loads of fun.

Tabletop simulator

Not really a game as much as a boardgame oriented sandbox. It allows you to play nearly any board game imaginable with people online. Me and some buds play gloomhaven regularly on here. I also recommend joining the two discords if you are interested in setting up games to play with strangers

Shadow of the Colossus

a really beautiful game. The story really takes advantage of the limits a video game places on you. So much of the story and lore is told by atmosphere rather than directly. It really conveys a certain sadness and isolation. Probably one of my all time favorites.

Tony Hawk Pro Skater

Its a skating game. Maybe the skating game. Loads of fun, has a fun soundtrack.

The Legend of Zelda Botw Ocarina Majora's Windwaker

So much has been said about these games. I do feel like Majora's mask gets overlooked sometimes. I really enjoyed it but the central mechanic can be a little tricky to figure out. First time I played I lost so many rupees. It may be worth seeing if there is a guide on how to navigate those little things with the time travel.

The Messenger

A game obviously modelling itself after the old Ninja Gaiden games. Its basically a ninja Gaiden game with tons of meta humor and sci-fi thrown in. Check it out if you like that kind of platformer.

Sonic the Hedgehog/ Sonic Adventure 2

It sonic. You probably know what to expect. Love the genesis ones a ton. Also like Sonic Adventure 2

Alien Isolation

A sci-fi horror with an eerily intelligent AI. The big thing that was boasted when this came out was that the AI would never do the same thing twice. This turns out to be totally true. You could load a save and each time the behavior of the AI would be different. Also the aliens are near impossible to kill or scare off so it really gives a great horror feel when you hear them wandering in the vents or hear one breathing around a corner.

The Stanley Parable

So much meta humor. An absolutely hilarious game. Seriously just play this one.

Chrono Trigger

One of the first rpgs I can remember having multiple endings. and boy did it have multiple endings (at least ten). A team up of some Final Fantasy folks and Akira Toriyama. The time travel in this game is also excently executed and leads you to a number of interesting settings and characters. All of the team characters are also really fleshed out and interplay well with eachother.

Super Mario World 2

Its yoshis Island what else do you need to know.

Bubble Bobble

Its a really cute game. Its not visually impressive, even by NES standards. but the main characters and all the enemies are drawn in a very cute way. A great co-op game. You are basically dinosaurs that blow bubbles. You have to get you enemies trapped in bubbles and then pop those bubbles to defeat them.

Super Mario Bros 3

its a classic.

Super Smash Bros. Melee

I felt that this one was the fastest paced of the Smash bros games and I appreciated that.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Its hard to explain if you haven't played it but its a bit like maybe memoir 44 or other area control board games. Worth a shot if you haven't played it.

Had to split this in two too many characters I guess


annikastheory OP wrote

Final Fantasy X

Another I probably don't need to say much about. Sometimes I found titus annoying but Yuna and her realtionships with all of the characters was super interseting.

Rogue Legacy

Refers to itself as a rogue-lite. Basically each character is part of a family tree of heros. the gold you earn on every run can be used to upgrade the future generations. Plenty of hidden corners and very engaging boss fights. Some of the genetic traits can really ruin a run though.

Fucking Battletoads

That fucking hover bike

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo

Its puyo puyo with street fighter characters. If you don't know puyo puyo it is sort of like tetris (you have pieces falling and you need to arrange them). But each piece is two squares and its more about combining like colors together to make them disappear. Unlike tetris it was always 1 v 1 I believe. So you are competing against another player and each set of pieces destroyed causes your street fighter character to unleash an attack. This causes a certain amount of blocks to fall on the other players side. You have to be careful though because sometimes your attacks can inadvertently help your rival rather than hurt them.

finally all done with edits and stuff


zoom_zip wrote

thanks for typing all that up. i enjoyed reading it.


annikastheory OP wrote

Yeah it was fun, I enjoyed yours as well. Maybe one of these days I will have to make a list I actually put some thought into, (a top ten or something). Its hard there are just so many games out there that I love.

Hopefully we can get more game discussions going around here. I really enjoy what we have going in this post.


M80 wrote

i very much agree with number one


_caspar_ wrote

never got much into games, but when I have theyve been story-based.

King's Quest V and VI
The Longest Journey Series
The Neverhood
Gabriel Knight Series
Titanic: Adventure Out of Time
Dust: Tale of the Wired West
Syberia I and II
The Blackwell Series


inthedustofthisplanet wrote (edited )



If you like narrative driven games you'll like Planescape: Torment and The Age of Decadence!


annikastheory OP wrote

I think I have only played one of these. Myst obviously. The atmosphere of that game has really stuck with me. I haven't even heard of most of these. Lots of point-and-click games. I need to try Syberia, I have heard good things. Also heard good things about the Longest Journey as well.

If you like a certain kind of humor the monkey island games are worth playing if you haven't. Or also blazing dragons, which I forgot about until now. a PSX point-and-click based on Monty Python.

You might like some of the telltale games. They are kind of like interactive movies more so than games. Also I can't say I have any recommendations but there are good VN's out there from what I have heard.


_caspar_ wrote

I grew up playing point and click adventures from developers like Sierra much more so than sega/nintendo/playstation. action and/or point-based games for the most part never appealed to me. neither did games that were overly cartoonish, for lack of a better word. though I guess some on this list fall into that category like The Neverhood, but it was dark and bizarre enough for me to enjoy back then.

I try to play some here are there when I can. adventuregamers is a good resource for finding them.

oh, just thought of it, Sanitarium is another out-there one.


annikastheory OP wrote

It seems there are websites for every gaming niche. I will have to check out the site, super excited about that.

Yeah Sierra is a little bit before my time. I have played a lot of games before my time because of my brother and father but they were console gamers, not pc gamers. So I have played a lot of Atari 2600 and NES SNES Genesis games but missed out on some of the old PC games.


IForgotToSayGoodbye wrote

Final Fantasy X

I must ask, was X your first Final Fantasy?

Most people's favourite was the first one they played.


annikastheory OP wrote (edited )

I think my first was VIII. But I didn't like it much. I may have played IV before X too but I am not 100% certain. Of those I have played I like IV and IX and X couldnt get into VII or VIII. and enjoyed XII and XIII though I dont think I would replay XIII


zoom_zip wrote

viii gets a bad rep, but it's not awful

one of my personal faves but yeah it ain't accessible


annikastheory OP wrote

I was honestly pretty young when it came out and I haven't made much of an effort to play it since then. I might give it another go see if it sticks.


AnarchoDoom wrote

Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion

Ever tried the mods that make it look/play like modern games?

I was considering diving in this stuff, but this looks like a lot of software pandering to do, so dunno if worth it.


annikastheory OP wrote (edited )

If you mean some of the HD textures out there yes. This was a longer answer than I originally intended but here it is.

The problem with "updating" an old game is that the more you do the more extra stuff you have to do to account for it. Shaders and LOD are probably the biggest pains in the neck. I never used them on oblivion but I used to heavily mod skyrim as a weird hobby so I have used them on there. ENB shaders probably go the farthest in making the game look really good. If I really wanted to make my game look newer with minimal effort I would patch the exe with a 4gb patcher, install obse, install enb, pick an enb preset, pick one texture overhaul, pick one character overhaul, and pick a ui mod. Then run tes4lodgen. Probably easiest if this is done with the help of a mod manager (maybe wrye bash or something). Also avoid weather overhauls with ENB because that can create a bunch of extra work. If you do too many mods than you need to deal with "cleaning the mods" and creating merged patches and other stuff so I personally would keep it to something like that.

If I really really wanted to do something graphically intense with the least amount of work possible I would download the mods from this guide Which someone has conveniently put into wabbajack Which if you aren't familiar with wabbajack it basically takes a modlist and downloads/installs everything for you, including a mod manager. (the only problem is I think nexus only lets you do 5 downloads at a time so you either have to be willing to wait a very long time for everything to download or pay a few dollars to have a premium account for the month.) You might still need to do ENB and OBSE manually. You will have to do the 4gb patcher manually still.

I personally go pretty minimal on mods for oblivion. You need OBSE as a base for most mods, and you will want the unofficial patches. Usually something to fix the faces (like oblivion character overhaul among others), because the faces aren't great, and then maybe some texture mods ( I usually don't bother), a ui mod, a mod that puts all your keys into a keychain, and an alternative start mod. If I am feeling real crazy I might install one of the deleveled world mods ( was it obscuros Oblivion overhaul). That usually doesn't take super long, I skip over the enb and lod stuff because I don't think its worth it personally.