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The Ouya (and its controller) were both a disaster. These days, the console is little more than a paperweight (or an over-priced emulation machine, if you want to go the extra mile). But since its controller is Bluetooth, you can still use it on PC, phones, and tablets to this day.

But more than that, you can buy yourself a genuine rip-off of an Ouya controller for PC and Nintendo Switch. There are dozens of controllers on Amazon and eBay that take the shell of the Ouya controller and enable its use on Switch. Are these controllers any good, is it even legal, and are they any good? Let's find out.



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Hash_the_Stampede wrote

Might get one of these pads for when my tryhard buddies come over. Wanna throw down on Bomberman? Sure, but I only have this controller. They'll never stand a chance. The player 2 madcatz curse lives on!