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masque wrote (edited )

Like, what exactly are you arguing? Because it's got fuck all to do with anything I've said

You appear to believe that "Competition is always destructive - for relationships, play, mental health and performance," which I think is wrong, as evidenced by examples of positive competition. You seem to reject these positive examples by refusing to view them as truly competitive, which is why my other responses to your comments mostly consist of me defending the characterization of play, debate, and the "desire to be really good at something" as competitive. (EDIT: Perhaps I should rephrase the last one slightly, and say that while the "desire to be really good at something" is not inherently competitive, many competitive behaviours are driven by this desire in a way that is ultimately beneficial. Ultimately, I see "competitive" as a description of activity, not motivation)

If I've misunderstood your position, I'm genuinely interested in understanding what it is that you're actually arguing here.

I don't "view discussions in a competitive framework," but I recognize that I am trying to convince you (or others reading this) of something, and I think that this is an example of an endeavour that can be described as competitive but also not necessarily bad.