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celebratedrecluse wrote (edited )

EDIT: Video games in general have gone through a decline for me, and I think I know why: there's nothing new anymore. Everything's stagnated, so now the best I can hope for is a decent story that can hold my interest, gameplay that doesn't feel overly repetitive, or a decent character creation system that I can use as an outlet for my creative urges. What a terrible hobby to invest all of my interest into, FUCK.

Many games are crap for your soul. But there's some good ones that, while still colonial in some ways, are also offering of the capacity for creation. we should make a minetest server for raddle where we make a big old treehouse forest city on the hardest survival setting. I would love that, because I love all of you, and wish I could touch your hand and tell you all how much you mean to be, being a fellow weirdo idealistic contrarian. Each and every one of you, to the extent you join me on this special place we have.

So, what I'm getting from this is: Singleplayer games > Multiplayer games. War strategy games are universally terrible because the general formula is grow -> expand -> conquer -> manage endlessly until you lose or get bored.

The great game designers of the future, some of who are already and will be anarchists, will find ways to disrupt this stagnation. I think games of resistance and rebellion,

For example, I could see many people playing an online MMO where the task is to generate food forests or "PVP" by attempting to destroy the forest by various means. Same with a city; some trying to repair, others to destroy. Playing with the logic you mention, but in a subversive way, for some of the players will choose to smash or misdirect the Collective Will manifested by the base default environment.


celebratedrecluse wrote

I don't know, I'm just really high and thinking about minetest. Someone play with me? I'll figure out how to run a server, ok?