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deckardsdream wrote

lmao the bit about Elon Musk being a cyberpunk villain, very true. I always thought it was ironic that Tesla was ran by someone who more resembles Edison than Tesla.


catachresis wrote

I’m curious about the political narrative this game is going to have. I’m imagining it is going to be pretty shallow so it can reach the largest audience.

Is Cyberpunk going to normalize the dystopian future we are headed to?


masque wrote (edited )

According to the Quest Designer, the game is "not a political statement".

You know, like all the other famously apolitical cyberpunk media.

EDIT: But apparently other devs have contradicted this, so who knows.


catachresis wrote

My roommate is going to let me borrow his Xbox so I can play it. If I can find the motivation i think it would be fun to do a political critique.


Lynry_Barkly wrote

I just love how every time a trans person says they're uncomfortable with CDPR's decisions and behavior, there's an army of Gamers™ to come out and either say "It doesn't have to appeal to you, you're a small percentage of the population" or "It's not transphobic, trans people are too sensitive and biased to know when something is transphobic."

Hate, by love I mean hate.


videl wrote

anybody else bitterly want this game to suck for no good reason