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Vulgar_Soda wrote

I am not here to tell you you’re a bad person if you’re excited for these games.

I am. Ubisoft games are horrible. If you enjoy AAA mediocrity, you need standards. Play better games!

I’m not cancelling games culture because a shiny new game released and people are talking about it.

What is games culture? Unquestioning consumption. Unfettered toxicity. Rampant fanboyism. Misogyny. Racism. Elitism (I kind of like this one).

Gaming culture can rot.


ab5 OP wrote

I'm not sure if I've ever played a modern Ubisoft game, so I can't attest for their mediocrity. But I agree with your other point: the so called gaming culture is really bad.


ShadesPath wrote

Rayman is Ubisoft's only saving grace. Every other franchise comes with beaucoup problems.


ShadesPath wrote (edited )

The games you play and how you play them are a reflection of you. I have to keep this in mind as I use games as a form of socializing and thus I buy games that my peers play and often play them in the way my peers do. However, on my own, I try to play in defiance of the mentality the game might enforce. For example, in Ghost Recon Breakpoint, I have a character who doesn't use as little amount of violence as can be afforded and only does missions for Homesteaders, who are the oppressed group, and Outcasts, who are the resident rebels.

The facts are that games are designed to breed certain mentalities and behaviors so I find it more imperative that when I buy a game that is developed by an abusive company that has oppressive mechanics that I try to play differently than what it wants me to.