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avbeav wrote (edited )

What a lovely article!

Moria [...] remapped movement from the H, J, K, and L keys (so chosen for Rogue because they moved the cursor in the vi text editor) to the numeric keypad.

The vi key bindings were what pulled me towards Nethack initially, but I also enjoy how much depth there is to the comestibles. I played Crawl a bit and it seemed like food was mainly just flesh scraped off corpses whereas Nethack takes it to the next level. Questions about eating in Nethack almost make sense outside the context of the computer game itself:

Yes, veganism is a thing in Nethack. The guidebook even goes into details like this about plant milk:

Also note that “milky” potions may be a translucent white, but they do not contain milk, so they are compatible with a vegan diet.