Submitted by Facebook in Fraud

Beginner method:

  • Find a drop. There's a bunch of methods for this. Get creative. Easiest is to find abandoned buildings that do not look abandnd.
  • Get a cheap smart phone and source some cc numbers. The owner should live in the same city as the drop.
  • Order something under the limit of the card to your drop.

Have you ever carded? Any questions? Lets talk

Will share something advanced later. Fuck Visa! Fuck Mastercard!


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IllegalistSyndicalist wrote

Would it be possible to use Tor Browser/a VPN instead of getting a cheap smartphone? Also, how do you source cc numbers?


retiredshared2 wrote

Yes you can definitely use tor/vpn but most of those will be blocked or wont be geographically close enough to the cc address. You can hack/buy an rdp near the cc address and then use tor/vpn to connect to that. If you want to hack it use a geoip db to find addresses in the area of the cc masscan the ip range and then try bruteforcing logins. This can be done over tor. You can find hacked ones on the dnms

As far as sourcing the cc's there are a few sites. Dream market has some good vendors https://jstash03.link/ which requires you to connect without tor. Use a vpn or public wifi. You can get an invite to from https://crdclub.ws

Or a generous raddle user will share ;)

Good luck!


thebootyholebandit wrote

Explain carding to me (i somewhat get it but not too much) however when carding comes to mind for me it comes to buying Tobacco or Alcohol (they need to see your ID to buy it).