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Woah hold on Etc only has three letters

Etcetera is eight... Which is still too short. I did consider putting it to greater than seven, but then I felt compelled to include Bookchin... So I made it eight.


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What is Anarchy?
A(n) = No
So no Archy.

What is Archy?
Archy is a boys name of Old French or Old German origin, meaning "genuine, bold and brave".

What is Autonomy?
Auto = self
Onomy = body of knowledge

Autonomy = body of knowledge about yourself

What is Mutual Aid?
Like mutually ensured destruction, but a helpful version.

What is Direct Action?
Personally taking action, rather than attempting actions via minions (robotic or otherwise)

What is Praxis?
I'm guess that someone couldn't be bothered finishing translation of a text, and people thought it was a fancy new term. It means Practice.

What is the history of anarchism?
Probably a series of videos on YouTube. (I didn't check)

What types of anarchism are there?
"Real" Anarchism
Libertarian Socialism
Fascism Anarchism™
Edgy Teenagers

Who are the "big names" in anarchism?
Those with names longer than eight characters.
There appears to be many.

Following subsections being "what is anarcho-x?" for ones we want to focus on?
I don't follow any "anarcho-x" on social media.

What is Egoism and Post-Workerism?
Ego = Self
Auto = Self
Egoism = Autism

Post Worker = Worker of postal service
Post-Workerism = the philosophy of postal workers, eg. Going postal.
Edit: either that or beyond workerism.

What is post-leftism?
Postal Workers Union maybe...
Post = after
Leftism = Traditions of Politics related to Socialism
Post-leftism = going beyond leftist traditions.

What about anarcho (insert religion here)?
Anarcho-Satanism is pretty interesting
Anarcho-Taoism could be considered redundant
Anarcho-Buddhism can work too.
Anarcho-Communism is a bit naive.
Anarcho-Capitalism is a death cult.

What is Leftism and How Does it Relate to Anarchy?
Leftism = Traditions of Politics related to Socialism
Anarchy = No Archy
As anarchism is related to Socialism, Archy must be Left Out.

Are Libertarian Socialists the same as Anarchists?
No, the words don't even look similar.

What is Workerism?
The belief in workers

Do Anarchists Support Free Speech?
Against paid speech.

Can Capitalism Be Anarchist?

Do Anarchists Practice Democracy?
Does playing make believe count as practice?

What about consensus decision making?
Yeah, what about it?

What alternative to democracy does anarchism offer?

Don't we need police to stay safe?

What are the root causes of our ecological problems?
Archy - that bastard!

Why do some Anarchists oppose Civilization?
Archy is part of civilization

Are anarchists in favour of “absolute” liberty?
No, only a Sith deals in absolutes.

Why do anarchists argue for self-liberation?
They like to!

Are anarchists individualists or collectivists?
Yes, some are.

What about “human nature”?
Nature is a human concept - denature nature.

Does anarchism require “perfect” people to work?
Yes, all "perfect" people must work, otherwise there is no anarchism.
Note: "Pobody's Nerfect"

Do anarchists support terrorism? Some

What does an anarchist society look like?
Depends on the anarchists.

What do Anarchists do?
Eats Roots and Leaves

Why did you answer all these questions? I'm Irresponsible


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all disputes are to be settled by fistfights, or something similar.

I don't think this would make a good society, but it would be an interesting one


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No systems of measurement.

(I started with thinking no time measurements to reduce anxiety - but let's go for all measurements)


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Compassion. I feel that we lack compassion in out lives. Our government and corporations have no compassion and have destroyed our species. If we can each embrace compassion we could make the world better. A compassionate CEO makes more than the person sweeping the floor. But they ensure that person can live a fulfilling life. Most people want to work and be productive. They just want a life that isn't dependant on that. We have enough resources to feed and house everyone. As we embrace compassion we can do this. We as a species can not rise until we lift the weakest. We embrace compassion and help those that are less fortunate than us.


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Well, telling on myself here: I suffer greatly from envy. I am trying to hard not to be a jealous person. I grew up one of four kids and only one of the four was a favored child (I wasn't it). The rest of us tended to fight for attention and resources to no avail. So I grew up with a mindset of competition and when one person gets something, I get less of something. It's still a struggle to be happy for others when they are doing better than me.

One of my cousins has so much family support that she has been able to chase a creative dream that I had. She sucked at it at first. But she still had success despite what I thought to be waay less talent than myself. Every time my husband mentions a new project she's succeeding at, I say "I am very happy for her. She is proof that family support means everything. I will support my daughter as much as her mother has supported her." And I have to say all of that to not feel the envy.

It's a terrible emotion to feel and it really hurts me and holds me back from love and life.


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Lust is the intense desire for something (though it's often used as a desire for sex because people are enamored with it) immaterial and everything I want is immaterial (autonomy and the strength to ensure it is a recurring desire), so I'd go with that. It's kind of my default to want things, so no iconic moment.

Sloth: I don't like expending effort. I hate the idea of an afterlife since I prefer to think of death as the ultimate form of rest.

Pride: Long story short, yes.

Wrath: Are you even an anarchist if you're not mad?

Greed: An obsession with gaining and hoarding more material possessions; I see it as a prison and a weakness.

Gluttony: Excessive consumption and wastefulness is a big part of why I hate America, so not a fan of this one.

Envy: I'm incompatible with this one since I treat everything as already being my property.


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I like your deadly sins! I would change nosiness to malevolence and I would also include neglect and apathy.

I think I get why you mentioned naivety/credulity/gullibility, but I would say they are on the same level as sorrow. Sorrow doesn't really hurt anyone else but yourself (usually, at least) and I would say the same applies to naivety/credulity. They are undesirable for sure, but not exactly 'sins.'


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congratulations. Stay dogs are officially the most anarchist creature.

To those asking. No this wasn't a contrived and a joke that lasted to long. Its prob some of the most informative and most enjoyable anarchist theory ever made bc I'm so great.