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Fool wrote (edited )

I'm most likely to write the "bible" wherein I re-write the bible as mundane shit like, "God talking to them is literally their own thoughts, they're just justifying why they conquered and enslaved the neighbouring tribe."

Note: I actually started this but didn't even get through Genesis before I got bored.


asterism wrote

oh the embarassing story I was going to tell!

And I may have told this one before.

When I was in sixth grade I was in the school library. They had this parallel Bible, which is a Bible that contins 4 different english translaions side by side. The thing was fucking massive. So I am wanting some Christian street cred so I check out this huge fucking Bible, and because its important I am seen with it I dont put it into my backpack but actually phyaically carying around this heavy as fuck Bible to all my classes for at least a month (I got late fees but totally worth it) I finally decide to return it when a fellow classmate refers to me as "the big Bible dude" I was finally satisfied I had established my reputation.


lettuceLeafer OP wrote

Oh you had a Christian past? I had no idea assy. I made the connection because you act like a good Christian school boy. Honestly based on how you live your life, married kids, hard worker with 2 jobs and law follower I figured you were a devot Christian like Hank Hill. Because what other reason would u go through that hell? /j

Too mean?


asterism wrote

Well understandbly most of us here dont care for Christians myself included. But i have only seen one user truly bully someone solely on that basis but I dont see everything either.

Also I dont know what d4rk means about things like 66% of the time. they could tell me they were christian and I'd think I was misunderstanding something. but they certainly talk about it a lot


asterism wrote (edited )

Yeah that cop one is a spicy one I have one person in mind (solely because of what the cop is doing in the comic not because the user is cop like) but I am chicken.

also d4rk or myself make sense for the Bible. me because I talk about my Christian past a lot d4rk because they appear to be Christian to me.


Majrelende wrote (edited )

Drugs: asterism, kinshavo

Knife: ziq

My Ancestor: Maybe subrosa? I have a feeling they have a stack of books at least that high anyways. Also stagn2 and moonlune, for foraging.

The face on "My Ancestor"'s shirt: me

Sex: The book (not the sex part so much) makes me think of lettuceLeafer.

Author of aforementioned book: Fool, of course

Cop: I don't want to have to assign this one.

Bible: ???

If I didn't mention you it wasn't necesarily because I wasn't considering you-- for some I can't figure it out.


asterism wrote (edited )

I aint playing just here to say I fucking love the shirt that just says "Drugs" and I want it desparately.

edit: Hey I typed out a whole embarrasing story on that comment you deleted!

edit2:which is also a way of saying I expected the nomination and your "bullying" was funny.

edit3: none of yall better treat me like a porcelain doll because of my post earlier.

edit4: I just really wanted to do 4 edits for some reason


lettuceLeafer OP wrote

In fairness u prob won't hear it on chapo but there are def some major ML speakers like peter coffin or caleb maupin who will complain about how horrible the sexual revolution is and the how capitalists benefit if u don't wait to have sex with a good working class man. amazing stuff


asterism wrote

slogan ideas:

  • "Stop eating meat and start eating out"
  • "Don't eat meat and start giving her yours"
  • Show a picture of animal about to get whacked but play weird sultry music on top of it and transpose a pg sex scene on top of it "stop the beating of meat, end animal cruelty"

God this is cringe.


lettuceLeafer OP wrote

if being vegan makes cum taste better would being vegan make you smell more attractive. U could test this and start a new bussiness of becoming a pickup artist where ur trick is to tell insecure young men that women will come and sex them now if they go vegan. lol lol