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lettuceLeafer OP wrote

In fairness u prob won't hear it on chapo but there are def some major ML speakers like peter coffin or caleb maupin who will complain about how horrible the sexual revolution is and the how capitalists benefit if u don't wait to have sex with a good working class man. amazing stuff


asterism wrote

slogan ideas:

  • "Stop eating meat and start eating out"
  • "Don't eat meat and start giving her yours"
  • Show a picture of animal about to get whacked but play weird sultry music on top of it and transpose a pg sex scene on top of it "stop the beating of meat, end animal cruelty"

God this is cringe.


bloodrose wrote

my search history just got weird. because that would be awesome.

One hot day, my husband's dry skin was bothering him so he rubbed his face all over mine. And I was like "what are you doing?" and he's like "you have extra and i need some moisturizer" That was the most useful my oily skin has been - a sebum candle would be super useful.


lettuceLeafer OP wrote

if being vegan makes cum taste better would being vegan make you smell more attractive. U could test this and start a new bussiness of becoming a pickup artist where ur trick is to tell insecure young men that women will come and sex them now if they go vegan. lol lol


lettuceLeafer OP wrote

if you guessed

I can rub my finder on my face my finger will get covered in dirt and I will leave a finger streak

you're right

I love being an adult bc I can do shit like this and never bathe. Talk about based anti consumerism.

Tho in a month I'll prob soap myself down with a wet rag to prevent negative health effects of being so dirty. Also fuck god for making negative health effects to never bathing.


lettuceLeafer OP wrote (edited )

Great leader lettuce is not burgeous!!! yes, they did decree that the army should sieze all the hard drugs and gold and put in in one big throne room. And they never have been working since as they just sit in the room laying on the gold and doing drugs. But you just don't understand what its like to be such a hard worker like them. Their work is thinking work. And just a thought of great leader can be the difference between the world becoming communist and stooping imperialism once and for all.

You see the gold and drugs are actually a means of production. Its necessary to catalyze a global communist revolution. Its like a worker co op. Lettuceleafer isn't a burgeous lumpen how dare you you capitalist scum. They is working hard really hard by lounging on a pile of gold and snorting coke all day ranting about how they are so great. You just havnt read enough marx to understand.

Thats why u need a vanguard academic explain it to you idiot masses so you can understand how lettuceleafer is helping you. Yes they doesn't work in a factory 8 hours a day like you. But their work is actually vastly more hard bc u havn't done a communist revolution.


lettuceLeafer OP wrote

Okay yes, lettuceleafer keeps breaking up marriages by being a homewrecher and convincing their partners to have gay sex with them (lettuce). But its just that their such a anti imperialist icon, its not easy. They are under so much stress of being so great and impressive its the only way they can cope and keep saving so many working class people.