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ziq OP wrote

When I was 7, I made a beautiful Rapunzel's tower with my father out of legos. We spent days perfecting it. That's when I started my lifelong obsession with the little plastic blocks. Sadly, my father moved to Serbia with the pool cleaner shortly after, so that was the last time we played with legos.

Even though I couldn't bring myself to play with legos alone after he left, I still felt the compulsion to collect the wonderful blocks and store them, waiting for my dad to come back from his extended vacation.

After 40 years, I gradually built up the world's second largest lego collection in private ownership.

I had to rent a warehouse just to house it all. It was a true accomplishment, I'd spend hours in that warehouse just browsing my piles and piles of legos, cataloguing them, touching them, smelling them, imaging all the wonderful creations we could assemble once my collection was finally complete.

While emptying my latest truckload of legos into storage, I got word that my dad had died in a freak scuba diving accident in a pool in Serbia. I was devastated.

I realized my father would never be able to play with legos with me now. 40 years of waiting and it was all for nothing. But alas, I wasn't about to abandon my lifelong dedication to the hobby now. I spent another 3 years; another 36 paychecks buying all the legos I could. Empting out entire stores of their stock every pay day.

...Then I ran out of space in the warehouse. I was set to purchase a second warehouse down the road to expand to, but I didn't like the idea of my collection being broken up like that. So I started to think of ways I could keep the collection in one location...

And then it occurred to me! Why constrain myself to a single-storey brick and mortar warehouse to house my legos when I could BUILD with the legos - build a giant Lego tower as big as a skyscraper?! I could dedicate it to my beloved father's memory.

I bought an empty lot on the edge of town and paid a fleet of truckers to move all my blocks there from the warehouse.

Once the last truck had unloaded the last of my collection, I got straight to work; finally assembling my vast collection, building up towards the sky floor by floor.

After 6 years of non-stop work, I finally ran out of blocks. I had erected a full-scale Rapunzel's tower entirely out of legos. I looked down on the clouds below and realized my life's work has finally paid off! I was now the proud record-holder of the world's largest lego structure.

So I promptly climbed down the steps to the ground floor, got in my car, drove to work, collected my pay check at the end of the day, bought up another truckload of legos, and loaded them all into my wonderful tower. At my current salary, I estimate I'll be able to fill an entire floor with cases of legos every 4 months.

If I keep working hard, in a few years I'll finally beat my blasted competitor Joseph Middlebrock and have the world's largest lego collection in private ownership.