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Okay, I know what you are immediately thinking. "This is a duplicate of the currently stickied thread!" Well, it's not. Let me make it clear, that Roleplaying, and Roleplaying Games, are two completely different things. Roleplaying is done without a character sheet, or stats, but is based off of descriptions of what your character does.


a) When you create a roleplay, you have to think: "How is this RP different from others? Why will people want to join my RP?" think of this ahead of time, just like when you create an RPG. Creation is basically the same.

b) The one thing that you DO need in a roleplay, is a background. Backgrounds are VERY important, and they set the scene for everyone else. This is also known as 'the storyline'.


Developing a storyline can be as simple as stating that all the characters are in Germany during World War II, or as complex as you'd like it to be. Generally, you build on a storyline as the Roleplay progresses, and the charaters add to it. Remember, once you make a storyline, there is no steering characters back on to follow it your way.

EX --> STORY: You have been enlisted in the German Army during World War II. America has yet to join the battle, but you are still being ferociously attacked by France and Britain.

This would be the simplest of storylines, just stating what everyone's situation is. Everyone will start off of this storyline, but as soon as the RP begins, it is fair game, and will change as people start to do different things.


Unlike Roleplaying Games, Roleplays have Application sheets. This is similar to a character sheet, but does not have any stats, or stat points. The ONLY thing this is used for, is for 'applying'. The creator of the RP can decide whether to accept a person into a roleplay or not. Here is a sample Application sheet.

EX --> Name: Age: Current Rank: Green Description: Personal Story:

Notice how there are no stats pertaining to strength, defense, accuracy, etc. It is all based off of who the character is. Here's a filled out sheet.

EX --> Name: John Smith Age: 32 Current Rank: Green Description: Short black hair, and usually wearing a tank-top and cargo pants. Personal Story: John applied for the army when he was 18, but his papers were lost until recently, when he could finally go to war.

That's pretty simple, and half a**ed, but that's how a general application should look. Remember, YOU decide if it's detailed enough


a) Unlike a roleplaying game, you don't have much control. Once the roleplay is set in motion, you might as well just be a player, and create your own character. The ONLY thing you can control is whether applications are good enough or not. There are no invisible walls in an RP, so if a character wanted to flee Germany, you have to let them. You CANNOT tell them that they randomly got shot and died, though.

b) You can try to convince other characters to stay within your story, either through out of character speech, with is done inside of parentheses, or by talking to them in the roleplay, through your character, using quotation marks.


a) You can ditch your RP at any time, after it's been created, and not have it immediately die. Other characters can still interact, and continue their stories, even after you leave. The basic storyline remains, and the roleplay can be continued until everyone gets bored of it and leaves.

Well, that's pretty much all you need to know to create an RP, and I hope this helps.



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