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There are a few topics that need to be addressed that I have noticed around the Forum Games RPG's. This will be broken into two major parts both in different threads because they will be fairly long, one for the players, and one for the creators, so that everyone knows what to do.


a) When a Creator of an RPG lets you create your own character in an RPG using a system and a character sheet, make sure that you understand the system. Too many times, if the creator says "12 points for your character" players will try to sneak in a 13th point. So rule a boils down to: DONT CHEAT and UNDERSTAND what they are saying.

b) When deciding what your character should do, you are generally given a few options, or you are given the freedom to do what you want to do.

EX --> CREATOR: You are in the ocean, looking around you see a school of fish, some kelp, and a cliffside.

PLAYER 1: I attack the school of fish and attempt to eat them.

In this case, that would be A CORRECT response. This is and incorrect response:

PLAYER 1: I attack the school of fish and eat them all.

The only difference is that the first response used ATTEMPT and the second didn't. The second person was telling the creator the outcome of what he did, which is wrong. The players choose their actions, not their action's outcomes. That is what the Creator is for! If you want to choose outcomes, CREATE, dont PLAY!


a) Etiquite is very important on RPG's. Capitalization, mainly, is something that I don't see too often and it makes your post more broken up and hard to read. This is what I generally see:

EX --> PLAYER 1: ummm... i go to the store

The player did not capitalize the letter U in 'ummmm' or I. Which post looks better, above or below?

PLAYER 1: Ummm... I go to the store.

In this post, the player not only used correct capitalization techniques, but punctuated his sentences, bringing me to the next part.

b) Punctualization is necessary, and not only to look pretty and neat, but to show what you are talking about! If you are arguing a point, when you are talking, use a period, when you are making a big point, use an exclamation mark! It helps involve both the other players and the creator.

EX --> PLAYER 1: can i go to the store

Wow, doesn't that make you think that your players are really into your RPG? No. It doesn't. Creators like it when you look like you are enjoying their RP, so capitalize and punctuate.

PLAYER 1: Can I go to the store? Or would that be a problem?

Doesn't that look a bit more classy? A bit better than before? That's what most creators like in their players.

c) Spelling is also very important! I dont know how many times I see 'what are u doin'... It is faster to type that way, but it does not show that you are into the game at all. Yes, occasionally you will miss a key, but hey, it happens. What I dont like is when it happens ALL THE TIME! I will admit, I probably have a few errors on this page, and on my other RPG's, but it happens! People make mistakes, and creators will understand that.


Most RPGs call for you to create a character. When you post using your character, you generally have to copy and paste your character sheet (see an RPG) and then post your actions. Always stay in the lines of the adventure that you are playing. If you are playing a realistic WW2 adventure, dont say that you hire a dinosaur to destroy the world. That may be in a dinosaur adventure, and even that is stretching it.


When you want to roleplay, make sure that you choose one that you will enjoy. If you like random, sparatic adventures, don't play any realistic ones, and that works viseversa. If you start an RPG, and dont enjoy it anymore, quit it.


When you quit an RPG, don't quit in the middle of something important. Try to wait for a calm, explanation time when you quit, this way you don't disrupt the storyline and kill the adventure for the rest of the community. Always tell the creator that you are quitting when you quit, so that they can plan for it.

If anyone has anything to add, please post it below.



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