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Since I first started following US politics in '99 the presidency has consolidated more and more power, and trampled civil liberties in the name of fighting terrorism. A lot of that was possible because of how tight of a relationship the corporate media had with the White House, and the willingness of congress "representatives" of the same party to toe the president's policy line.

I hope that Trump alienating the president's traditional allies will have permanent effects that undermine the institution. But frankly most people to too focused on the president rather than the presidency. It's really hard to get folks to realize how autocratic the office has become over recent decades, rather than the people who have held the office. The worst thing that could happen is getting another Obama: an amiable, rhetorically pleasant personality that lulls the populace back into a false sense of relief while he (or she) continues to make their lives miserable and project American military dominance abroad.

Fuck the state entirely, but heads of state are kind of a ridiculous anachronism in this hyper-connected era in the first place.



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zod wrote (edited )

When he leaves and that pos Pence becomes president and fucks shit up some more, that can only amplify the public's distrust of dearleaderism. But yeah - then the next round, the reaction will be to to elect a 'progressive' that will return things to the status quo and we'll lose all that momentum.


ziq wrote (edited )

Unless American comrades successfully organize loud election boycotts. But the problem is, even anarchists and communists think that voting has an effect in America and go to the ballots - they buy into the whole 'lesser evils' spiel.


BlackFlagged wrote

I hope they run Clinton again, that will do nicely is proving the presidency should be obsolete.