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Oh so ur saying that if two Bros just wanna jerk off more effeciently so they can spend more time doing nootropics and loosing money day trading that's gay. No it's called capitist effectiency. I'd say it's even more straight that having sex with a woman. See straight women like men and liking men is gay. So if u have sex with a straight guy that's not gay because no one likes men.

So I think the crutch of the position is if u clean ur anus or not. See when u use toilet paper u are almost touching ur anus and if u remove the toilet paper u r touching it. And that's pretty similar to fingering ur butt and that's basically just having full on anal penetration from a man which is super gay.

So it's gay as long as u don't have sex with women and don't wash ur ass.

Also I thought this was just a meme but a lot of Redditors claim it's real lol.