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Vote for which creature is the most anarchist living thing..the prelims will have choices of 3 creatures. Vote for your favorite. The creature with the most votes wins and goes into the next round. There will be 4 rounds of prelims. Then two rounds to determine both runner ups. Then the final round to determine the most anarchist creature. Using alts to vote manipulate is allowed. Propagandize raddle with what creature is best to sway votes. I think I will leave voting open for 48 hours for each voting sesh. Idk, do whatever you want no rules all that matters is your favorite creature wins.

[(Cannabis V Raccoon V Pecan Tree) V (Goat V Black Cat V Shrooms)] = runner up 1

[(Stray Dog V Cactus V Honey Badger) V (Frog V Willow Tree V Possum)] = runner up 2

Runner up 1 vs runner up 2

For Round One Raccoon Won

For round two shrooms won

For round three cactus was winning but then due to the hilarious propaganda campaign stray dog pulled in for a decisive victor. I am proud to say stray dog has won round three.

For round 4 possum won

For round 5 in racoons V Shrooms ... Ziq the lesser evil won

Now time for round 6 possum V stray dog



Stray Dog



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moonlune wrote (edited )

Cactus should have won round three, and frog should have won round 4, and I am deeply angered by the results.

I vote for neither dog nor possum.


kinshavo wrote

Stray dog, the only candidate to defeat ziqlesserevil


lettuceLeafer OP wrote

Woah there you are getting far too radical. Such dramatic changes are asking far too much. This is why I suggest voting for a reasonable alternative like Joe Biden.

Everyone should vote for Joe Biden to be the most anarchist creature alive. What would the Anarcho Bidenists say if we found a stray dog to be the most anarchist. In theory I agree but in practice we should wait for an indefinite time and for now elect Joe Biden.


kinshavo wrote

JoeBoden uses the Anarchist Headband #1 and only the owner of headband #2 can challenge the post of the most anarchist creature...

In mymind this whole Tournament was to seek the owner of the #2 headband and defeat JoeBiden