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Vote for which creature is the most anarchist living thing..the prelims will have choices of 3 creatures. Vote for your favorite. The creature with the most votes wins and goes into the next round. There will be 4 rounds of prelims. Then two rounds to determine both runner ups. Then the final round to determine the most anarchist creature. Using alts to vote manipulate is allowed. Propagandize raddle with what creature is best to sway votes. I think I will leave voting open for 48 hours for each voting sesh. Idk, do whatever you want no rules all that matters is your favorite creature wins.

[(Cannabis V Raccoon V Pecan Tree) V (Goat V Black Cat V Shrooms)] = runner up 1

[(Stray Dog V Cactus V Honey Badger) V (Frog V Willow Tree V Possum)] = runner up 2

Runner up 1 vs runner up 2

For Round One Raccoon Won

For round two shrooms won

For round three cactus was winning but then due to the hilarious propaganda campaign stray dog pulled in for a decisive victor. I am proud to say stray dog has won round three.

For round 4 possum won

Now it's time for round 5






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existential1 wrote

Shrooms and it aint close. Mycological networks that talk to each other, share resources, and keep other creatures alive for the health of all. They also break down environmental toxins that idiot humans create.

Plus, they are super funny. They have this fun game where they produce offspring via spores but use mushrooms to do so and the mushrooms can be edible or they can literally kill you by preventing making your liver from working. Or they can get you high. The best part of the game is, they don't talk to humans, they make humans learn their patterns and such to figure out which is which.

Mushrooms also will be what remains when we kill ourselves and most other forms of animal life. They will break down our carcasses and build a new world. I can't wait.


moonlune wrote

Yeah exactly! Also mushrooms smell good (that wet musky forest smell after rain ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜)


catachresis wrote


They grow anywhere, decompose things, some are edible, some look pretty, some do cool things to our perception, so much we donโ€™t even know, some say mushrooms are god or aliens, some say that they helped in the evolution of humans (hmm maybe this one isnโ€™t a pro)


lettuceLeafer OP wrote (edited )


I could argue but raccoons r so much better I don't need to argue.

Edit: it seems like my opponent shrooms might win. So I need to change my vote to the lesser evil to defeat my opponent. So I vote for ziq. May they forever be the icon of lessor evilism.