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existential1 wrote

Shrooms and it aint close. Mycological networks that talk to each other, share resources, and keep other creatures alive for the health of all. They also break down environmental toxins that idiot humans create.

Plus, they are super funny. They have this fun game where they produce offspring via spores but use mushrooms to do so and the mushrooms can be edible or they can literally kill you by preventing making your liver from working. Or they can get you high. The best part of the game is, they don't talk to humans, they make humans learn their patterns and such to figure out which is which.

Mushrooms also will be what remains when we kill ourselves and most other forms of animal life. They will break down our carcasses and build a new world. I can't wait.


moonlune wrote

Yeah exactly! Also mushrooms smell good (that wet musky forest smell after rain 😍😍)