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Vote for which creature is the most anarchist living thing..the prelims will have choices of 3 creatures. Vote for your favorite. The creature with the most votes wins and goes into the next round. There will be 4 rounds of prelims. Then two rounds to determine both runner ups. Then the final round to determine the most anarchist creature. Using alts to vote manipulate is allowed. Propagandize raddle with what creature is best to sway votes. I think I will leave voting open for 48 hours for each voting sesh. Idk, do whatever you want no rules all that matters is your favorite creature wins.

[(Cannabis V Raccoon V Pecan Tree) V (Goat V Black Cat V Shrooms)] = runner up 1

[(Stray Dog V Cactus V Honey Badger) V (Frog V Willow Tree V Possum)] = runner up 2

Runner up 1 vs runner up 2

For Round One Raccoon Won

For round two shrooms won

For round three cactus was winning but then due to the hilarious propaganda campaign stray dog pulled in for a decisive victor. I am proud to say stray dog has won round three.

Now its time for round 4



Willow Tree





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lettuceLeafer OP wrote

I honestly am not quite sure on this one.

On one hand frogs are a great indicator of the health of a local ecosystem and u gotta rep the raddle icon.

on the second hand willow tress are fucking beautiful and are one of the few trees that grow well in my favorite ecosystem type flood lands.

Now frogs and willow tress are cool but I think possums are the most anarchist. They eat out of the trash. Scavenge and can eat dead rotting things which discuses the ritsy, the burgoisy and the city folk. They usually don't build houses and reuse unused dwellings. And considering how most anarchists seem to be bad at making friends possums being solitary is pretty anarchist. Possums excrete a gross smell from their ansus to deter predators which is pretty based.

They are mostly freegan tho they do eat some bugs and small creatures. So they aren't quite as based from a vegan perspective.

Not only do they active their stink to scare humans away they also bare their teeth and hiss at them and aren't afraid of going into urban areas. Based egoists who will take humans property as their own if u ask me.

Civilized society also demonizes them just like me lol

So I vote possum. Tho if it was a vote for my favorite creature I don't know what I would pick.

I am really seeing a pattern of dirty nasty animals who eat out of the garbage being anarchist. Which makes sense since thats like my whole life goal.


monday wrote

Just a quick remark, we have two different animals, one named Possum in the US that is also called Opossum and another Australian marsupial named Possum.