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Vote for which creature is the most anarchist living thing..the prelims will have choices of 3 creatures. Vote for your favorite. The creature with the most votes wins and goes into the next round. There will be 4 rounds of prelims. Then two rounds to determine both runner ups. Then the final round to determine the most anarchist creature. Using alts to vote manipulate is allowed. Propagandize raddle with what creature is best to sway votes. I think I will leave voting open for 48 hours for each voting sesh. Idk, do whatever you want no rules all that matters is your favorite creature wins.

[(Cannabis V Raccoon V Pecan Tree) V (Goat V Black Cat V Shrooms)] = runner up 1

[(Stray Dog V Cactus V Honey Badger) V (Frog V Willow Tree V Possum)] = runner up 2

Runner up 1 vs runner up 2

For Round One Raccoon Won

For round two it will be



Black Cat



The competition is fierce. Let's see who will win this round



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lettuceLeafer OP wrote

I vote goat bc that one goat ate a cops paperwork


moonlune wrote (edited )

I can't not vote for the good luck sabottage cat..

1 vote for the black cat.


throwaway wrote (edited )

I vote for the mushroom for sure. Not just between the three, but between all living things! The mushroom is impossible to tame, capable of the wildest stuff, and some will straight up tear shitty world-views apart and transform your outlook in a matter of six hours. The mushroom does not tolerate bullshit.