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Vote for which creature is the most anarchist living thing..the prelims will have choices of 3 creatures. Vote for your favorite. The creature with the most votes wins and goes into the next round. There will be 4 rounds of prelims. Then two rounds to determine both runner ups. Then the final round to determine the most anarchist creature. Using alts to vote manipulate is allowed. Propagandize raddle with what creature is best to sway votes. I think I will leave voting open for 48 hours for each voting sesh. Idk, do whatever you want no rules all that matters is your favorite creature wins.

[(Cannabis V Raccoon V Pecan Tree) V (Goat V Black Cat V Shrooms)] = runner up 1

[(Stray Dog V Cactus V Honey Badger) V (Frog V Willow Tree V Possum)] = runner up 2

Runner up 1 vs runner up 2

For round one it will be





Pecan tree

The competition is fierce. Let's see who will win this round.



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lettuceLeafer OP wrote

Cannabis is good at sequestering carbon, beat a war against the united states government, grows in a ton of places, provides lots of utility from clothes, to food to medicine. But alas liberals would be most likely to vote for cannabis and I don't want to look like a liberal.

Raccoon, badasses they dig through the trash and are basically the inventors of post civ theory. Smart enough to look away from flashlight to avoid getting killed by trap hunters at night. Also a raccoon has been terrorizing some libs I know.

Pecan trees, a great source of food for those with the intelligence to crack it's nut. While I do love pecan trees they are not as cool as racoons.

Lettuce leader votes for racoon.


moonlune wrote

Racoons have hands, and are masked up. nothing's more anarchist than having hands and wearing a mask.

Moonlune votes for raccoon.


halfway_prince wrote

naturally would love to vote for racoon (clearly the choice we can all identify with most right now) but cannabis EMBODIES anarchism through it's resilience in the face of state oppression. At risk of seeming like a ~liberal~ my vote is for cannabis !


halfway_prince wrote

also everyone gets a little more anarchist when they're high


halfway_prince wrote

i think we can trace the origins of modern security culture practices back to weed paranoia


Quicksilver wrote

The raccoon, hands down. I grew up around them so much as a kid, are probably my favourite animal, and are legit really cool


Fool wrote

Hooray! Creating hierarchy!

I can't think of anything Anarchists love more than hierarchy.