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ziq wrote

Sumac, which I use to make a drink.

Mastic, which is use as gum and for the berries which I use as a spice.

Kangkong, which I use for salads.

Miners lettuce, which I use for salads.

Purslane, which I use for salads.


bloodrose wrote

Wood sorrel is a very tasty weed that grows all over the place in the US. While on a hike, I'll often pick one of the flowers and chew on the stem. It's juicy and sour and so feels nice when you're a bit warm on a hike.

Also, wild mustard is a common weed near me. There's a big field across from my work that gets covered in the stuff and no one is weed-killing in that field. If I get there early enough in the spring, the greens are good and tender. If not, I've been meaning to get around to harvesting seeds to make mustard or medicine from. Although they keep bulldozing the field in the summer when it gets unruly.