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existential1 wrote

As someone who seed saves and propogates open pollinated seeds that grow well where i live without much, if any, human doesn't take too many generations to get carrots back to their more wild look. In fact, i have some that grow similar to the picture after just a few years (like 5 to 7 generations).

The most interesting thing to me is that it makes you eat more of the parts that are usually the regrowing greens of root vegetables.


BrowseDuringClass1917 wrote (edited )

Young people are fucked healthwise. It’s gonna be like mesothelioma, but hundreds of times worse.

Also as somebody with terrible tap water, this is terrifying.

Some of the best available data is on water, with bottled water containing 22 times more microplastic than tap water on average. A person who only drank bottled water would consume 130,000 particles per year from that source alone, the researchers said, compared with 4,000 from tap water.


Mango wrote

FYI this is nothing new, reading this article is like fucking white hipsters discovering the dinosaur bones or something.

Using banana leaves for food packaging is part of all Austroasiatic cultures for thousands of years, spreading from SE Asia to as far as Polynesian like Hawaiian and Samoan. Banana is originated from these culture. Cambodian and Vietnamese also used both banana and lotus leaves to pack their rice cakes, baked goods. Vietnamese also developed an edible plastic-like packaging from dried coconut juice to wrap their coconut candies.

I'm a world indigenous culture's nerd, AMA.


celebratedrecluse wrote (edited )

I remember facebook arguments where everyone called me anti-vaccines because I said all the glyphosphate weedkiller were bad news. But i was the "irrational" one, for pointing to the lack of independently funded studies without interference from the chemical companies, I was "paranoid" for emphasizing the crimes of Monsanto worldwide in bioengineering farmers into debt.

Well, I am irrational and paranoid, but I was also right too Fuckers! Wish i wasnt tho