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DokiDokiLove wrote

This is so stupid.

Healthy food is cheap. It's actually cheaper than junk food. Stupid fat Americans.

What a crap link, nonsense sjw crap based in victim fantasy land. Is this really what raffle is about


Pop wrote

'healthy food is cheap' doesn't respond to the idea of a food desert or food apartheid

do you have arguments or do you just like shouting "SJW!!!!!" whenever you have to contemplate the possibility of racism being more complex than your racist world taught you


DokiDokiLove wrote

Is anyone banned from any shop because of their race?

Is anyone prevented from buying a bag of potatoes, some veg, and unprocessed meat?

Are these things hard to come by, anywhere?

Prove me wrong, put a location on a map where a cheap bag of potatoes is not locally available


ziq wrote

Will you shut the fuck up and go back to voat where your jerk doesn't get broke?


DokiDokiLove wrote

Lol why are you so angry?


ziq wrote

hierarchy, capitalism, colonialism, rigged bureaucracy, western supremacy, wealth, industrialism, ecosystem destruction.. and just generally that you exist in general and benefit from and perpetuate all these things.