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selver wrote

Why don't they target booze first? It really bothers me that there's no nutritional info on alcohol here. Is it just corruption/lobbying like I assume?


leftous wrote (edited )

My guess is that it is due to a couple of things.

Firstly, mandating foreign beer/alcohol suppliers make Canada-specifc packaging (with nutritional labels) will increase the price of beer imports significantly.

Secondly, in the US, there is no nutritional label requirement for alcohol. It's more cost effective for foreign suppliers (including Canadians makers themselves) to cater the packaging and labelling to the much bigger market in the US

Since the Canadian government and provinces own the alcohol market for the most part, it makes more sense to keep the costs low by not requiring nutritional labels and maximize profit when exporting to the US.


selver wrote

Canada does already have Canada-specific packaging though, everything has to have French on it. The packaging always has separate US&Canada packaging afaik. I doubt adding nutritional info would be a huge deal.

But yeah the government's heavy involvement probably means they try not to interfere with profits much.


pstmod wrote

Not surprising: this is what you get when you have corporations running the USA