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asterism wrote (edited )

Multiple chains that partnered with the company [Beyond Meat], including McDonald’s, have quietly ended trial launches. In August, the company laid off 4% of its workforce after a slowdown in sales growth. Last week, its chief operating officer was reportedly arrested for biting another man on the nose during a road rage confrontation.

Even the meat industry’s biggest players have, ironically, invested in companies coming up with plant-based meat.

Some investors believed that plant-based meat would become what plant-based dairy alternatives have become to the dairy market, Baumgartner said. Dairy alternatives, like almond, oat and soy milk, now make up 15% of the market and are worth $2.5bn (£2.2bn). A third of Americans drink some kind of non-dairy milk weekly. [They go on to talk about lactose intolerance, price, and longevity being the factors for non-dairy milk]

Plant-based meat has also struck a nerve in America’s neverending culture wars. Ten conservative states in 2018 and 2019 outlawed the use of “meat” in labels for products that are not coming from animals, targeting the plant-based meat industry. Republicans took on a talking line in 2021 that Democrats were going after red meat as a part of Joe Biden’s climate plan, though it was based mostly on speculation and false reports.

Some funny quotes (the first and last ones) and some informative stuff.

Lots of talk about it not tasting right, it not being nutritionally better for you, it being more expensive, and it being a processed food. Frankly I always thought they tasted a bit like a gas station cheeseburger and, because I unironically liked gas station cheeseburgers, it really scratched an itch for me though the price and the fact its processed is a big part of the reason i don't buy it (not that I don't buy any processed food but I am working on cutting down on it slowly).